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Gift time


New Year is a time of miracles, wonderful moments, joy, fulfillment of desires and pleasant communication.

The process of choosing gifts plays an important role in creating the New Year’s mood. They make the eyes of children shine, fulfill wishes, bring a lot of joy and surprises.

We advise you to start choosing gifts for the New Year 2022. You are guaranteed to get the right things, your order will be delivered on time if you decide to use the services of an online store.

Friends and loved ones are usually given things that will not lose their relevance for many years and will be useful. We have made a selection of interesting New Year’s gifts that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Gifts for children

Not all parents like shopping with their child, especially when the kid wants to play and not look at the shelves with shoes. The EMU Australia children’s shoe collection engages young shoppers in an interesting game with various animals and birds. Shopping will no longer be stressful for all family members.

EMU Australia children’s shoes are made from natural sheepskin, which perfectly warms the legs even in severe frosts. They are decorated with appliqué in the form of charming muzzles of animals, which will definitely cause children’s delight.
In the SOHO chain of stores and in the online store sohoshop.ru, EMU Australia weeks continue, where you can buy brand shoes with discounts of 30%!

Gifts for women

Choosing a gift is a pleasant but troublesome business. The task becomes more complicated when it comes to a gift for a woman. Every girl is unique, but everyone loves gifts!

EMU Australia Apollo Bay Gloves will not be afraid of any frost: natural sheepskin retains heat well.

A gift that can definitely enter the top of the best gifts for women is EMU Australia slippers made of leather and natural fur.

2022 is the year of the Blue Water Tiger, which combines the energies of water and wood, and also loves the earth. As a gift, we advise you to pay attention to the slippers in blue, light blue, green, brown, beige and gold colors.

Men are not so easy to find a worthy gift. It is important for them that the received gift is not only stylish, but also practical. We will share with you the secrets of how to choose the right gift, as well as present some ideas for a great male surprise.

A good solution would be a Braun Buffel wallet. It is made of high quality genuine leather, the wallet has several compartments for cards.

If you want to give a useful and practical gift, the Camel Active belt is a great choice. The belt is considered one of the most necessary and important elements of a man’s wardrobe.
The most universal and most common is the black belt. It will come in handy in any case. In our stores you will find various colors and models.

There are gifts that will suit men, women, children and even grandparents.

Socks are an accessory that lifts your spirits while being practical and somewhat noticeable. Socks will complete the image, make it a bright accent. There are short socks, standard length socks, classic ones, and there are fantasy ones, like the Happy Socks brand.
A gift set of socks 4-Pack Multi-color Socks Gift Set in bright colors is perfect for a present.

For those who like a more subdued color scheme, the 4-Pack Classic Black & White Socks Gift Set will do.

Taking care of your comfort and convenience, we offer two shopping options: place an order on our website sohoshop.ru with delivery or visit SOHO stores. We will help you choose and buy interesting and memorable gifts for the New Year!


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