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What bathrobe to give on March 8

How does spring come into the world? Flowers, streams, cat songs under the windows. And yet, spring comes with a sparkle in the eyes, lightness in gait and the brightness of colors in clothes! Gray, black and dull goes to the far corners of the cabinets until autumn, giving way to joyful colors. And along with gloomy clothes, worries, anxieties, a touch of age disappear and a smile appears on the face. Especially for women! Especially — on the eve of the global women’s holiday — March 8!

How to settle spring in the house of a woman dear to her heart and at the same time buy the right gift for International Women’s Day — wise men the best online clothing store for the home «Minutes of comfort»! From them — a pre-holiday master class and a guide to the sea of ​​\u200b\u200b»careless» offers by March 8!

So, so that everyone around you is happy, and you spend a minimum of time choosing the RIGHT gift for the holiday and do not puzzle over how to congratulate an important woman in your life, we offer as many as 8 “careless hits” of spring!

1. Floral blues — floral robe

All women love flowers! And they deny this fact only because of two banal reasons: either you never guess with the «sort and type» of the composition, or — they save your money, trying to look like a super thrifty hostess in your eyes! Therefore, we affirm once again: all women love flowers! And besides them — the entourage, the method and option of presenting the bouquet! From this — advice into practice: this time give your beloved woman her FAVORITE flowers in an original way. Be unexpected in your actions, do what they think you are not capable of.

Here is an example. Do you usually consider it your duty to give flowers early in the morning on March 8? So do almost all the men of the country (and not only ours)! We shot back, everyone is happy, the holiday took place. Change worn out habits! Order flower delivery to a restaurant, theater, even to a skating rink or spa! Let the beloved woman feel your care all day long, even far from you! Or another option: present flowers in the evening, under the very curtain of the holiday. Let the light aroma and tenderness of a lively spring bouquet delight her on the eve of sweet dreams. And along with the flowers — a chic and cozy, soft gift — a dressing gown, in itself reminiscent of a romantic, flowing spring blues — a gentle melody of touching care!

Floral prints, fun, playful colors — that’s the fashion of March that has already started!

flowers for March 8
bathrobe with flower

2. Pink notes of March symphony — robe in pink tone

A special bonus on March 8 gives a pink note in its «smearing» sound! How insanely beautiful a bouquet of miniature pink roses looks in the hands of an elegantly dressed man, and the beloved woman looks amazing, dressed in a pale pink morning dressing gown, just presented by you! True, she also looks like a flower from your solemn bouquet? Is it true that pride is bursting from the fact that this flower lives (and smells sweet!) In your house?

pink is in fashion
pink robe

By the way, it would be nice if you add a small rose in a warm, terry dressing gown to your homemade bouquet!

3. Relax, orchids, girlfriends, bachelorette party — bathrobe for relaxation

There has long been a tradition according to which it is customary on March 8 to meet with old, bosom friends. Chat, laugh, dance, gossip about happiness and troubles, fashion and work, native men and colleagues. Does your beloved also sacredly honor this tradition and already a week before March 8 she created a detailed plan for International Women’s Day? It’s just wonderful! So, less hassle will fall on your strong male shoulders! True, you will have to take a walk with the children, feed them, check the lessons, clean the apartment … But these are trifles, the main thing is that SHE will be happy!

The only thing to keep in mind is gift. Take a look at her «to-do list», there is probably a beauty salon, spa, or even a sauna as a «destination». Decorate her plan with a brand new dressing gown made of natural fabric (cotton or bamboo). Let your star shine among your friends and, of course, praise you for being so sensitive, attentive, etc.

bathrobe for relaxation

4. Good, affectionate evening — bathrobe for home

And here is another very interesting idea related to the creative approach to March 8th. Everything is in it — flowers, care and an unusual gift-robe for the holiday. Just imagine: she comes home — after a meeting with her friends, a dance evening, a corporate party — and you have prepared an unusual surprise for her: a relaxing bath for tired legs with sea salt and rose petals. Care? Yes! Attention? Yes! Suddenly? Yes! Well, a gift is also supposed to be a surprise — a soft, fluffy, spring-like cheerful dressing gown!

give pleasure
robe for pleasure

5. Delicate greens — a hit of March (robe in green)

And here is another story for March 8th. Already family (for those who like to celebrate the holidays in a narrow circle of their closest relatives and friends). Answer the question for yourself: “What could be more pleasant than running barefoot on the first, juicy, sun-warmed, soft green spring grass?”. Only a dream about it can be more pleasant, a foretaste of the coming May, the hope for the imminent arrival of which we begin to bear already in March! Give women dear to your heart a reason to enjoy dreams, get such a necessary and desired dose of relaxation and pleasure from a gentle, slightly cool and warm touch on the skin overnight, already here, in today’s March! Present your favorite juicy terry dressing gown

Mom — a warm and cozy cotton bathrobe

Grandma — free and bright, with huge patch pockets.

Well, for my daughter — a beautiful light dressing gown with a favorite cartoon character.

Well, please yourself at the same time so that your violin “sounds” in unison with the home spring orchestra!

green robes for everyone
bathrobe for mom
dressing gown for daughter
robe for yourself

6. Favorite day of idleness — bathrobe for the day off

Well, if it is customary for you on March 8 to give all the women of the family the most precious pleasure in our time — a whole day of absolute laziness — there is nothing easier than to come up with a gift consonant with such a day. Think for yourself: laziness implies such a routine, according to which 80% of the time is spent in bed, with the remote control at the TV, that is, in a lying position.

The remaining 20% ​​involve minor movements along the bathroom-kitchen-bedroom trajectory. For such a festive pastime, you need comfortable, almost seamless home clothes. For example, all the same universal, warm and light at the same time, a home dressing gown of bright, spring colors!

lounging at home
bathrobe for lounging at home

7. Little dance of happiness — bathrobe for a child

Well, we want to give the seventh note of the spring musical hit exclusively to children. Although we mentioned them in passing, in the context of previous holiday ideas. Why exactly the seventh? Because 7 is the number of happiness. And children are happiness, both dads and moms. To please the kids is an indescribable, the greatest pleasure in the world. Indulge yourself in it in honor of the holiday and get in return a sea of ​​​​positiveness, smiles, kisses and such a sincere look of loving eyes that no one will ever give you in this world! Rejoice and rejoice yourself! Well, what to please? Of course — a beautiful dressing gown! Accompanied by a fairy tale story, with a magical hero, suddenly so suddenly coming to life in the imagination. A beautiful, high-quality, admirable thing for a child and an indispensable thing in everyday life will be the perfect solution to the problem of choosing a gift in honor of March 8!

robes for girls
dressing gown for daughter

8. Mom and daughter are the most dear in this world (robe for mothers and their daughters)

mom and daughter

However, it just so happens in the world that mother and daughter are left alone, without a father. They do not expect gifts and flowers, sudden surprises and unexpected news. They create a holiday for themselves! They rush to give each other the abundance of tenderness and love that has accumulated in the heart. And, of course, they give the most expensive, exclusive and inimitable gifts! As a sign of special feelings, as a sign of absolute importance in each other’s lives, and as a sign of a reverent desire to preserve the unity of souls for life!

bathrobe for mom
dressing gown for daughter

Love the women around you, your loved ones! Give them the warmth of your heart, collect their smiles, make them happy and become happier with them! Let your life consist of thousands of joyful moments, and the spring lit by a ray of sunshine in your soul on March 8 will remain there forever!

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