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How often do you smile? Have you ever wondered this question? Let’s do an experiment. Try to count how many times a day you become like a cute electronic bright yellow emoji with a radiant look? Only there is one condition: only sincere smiles, from the bottom of the heart, can be taken into the «offset»!

baby smile

If you smiled, for example, at a ferocious boss while greeting you in the office corridor early in the morning and receiving another huge stack of work and scolding — you were lying! That smile just doesn’t count! Or if you smiled at an ignoramus who painfully stepped on your foot in the subway or tram. Or … Yes, there can be a lot of «or»!

Each of us for himself sincerely determines the price of his radiant smile.

We also, as an experiment, tried to calculate how many times we smile a day. Even the judge responsible for the sincerity of the smile was chosen. It was our beloved Mishutka Toptyzhkin, who has an incorruptible and authoritative opinion.

And here’s what we got.

Morning. It is incredibly difficult to destroy the sweet obsession of a peach night and heed the call of an alarm clock. A little more… And the hand involuntarily, following the rules of the working morning, reaches for a warm terry dressing gown, also sleeping peacefully on the back of a chair by the bed. Rather put on. Oh how good! Relaxed in your favorite bed, the body instantly plunges into a fluffy cloud smelling of roses and lavender. Smile. First for today! Happy smile!

morning with a smile

Breakfast. Aromatic coffee spreads in a sweet warm wave throughout the body, forcing the eyes to finally open up. The brain begins to echo the heart, picking up speed and producing the first ideas and desires for today. It’s time to wake up the kids! They are so cute, they still snore sweetly, watching their fabulous dreams. Tickle, rather, wrap a pretty robe with ears in the most delicate velor, feed and send to play, receiving a grateful air kiss and … smile back! Smile number 2 today!

morning with a smile

Work. Our work is also a joyful process. We are obsessed with a single idea, which by definition is very similar to real, passionate love. But the charm of our work lies also in the fact that we have the opportunity all day to touch the morning piece of comfort that reigns in the house of each of us. We can stroke the velor and once again remember our kids, we can try on a terry dressing gown and find ourselves for a moment in our favorite bedroom. But even this is not the main thing! The main thing is that we do not live without laughter! We take pictures, take your orders, tell you about our favorite models, drink tea, joke with each other and smile sincerely! After all, we have started a passionate romance with our work, which (even in the very near future!) promises to end with a wedding and develop into a long and happy family life! So — at work, Topa credited each of us with exactly one hundred sincere smiles! Hooray!

photo session with a smile

Evening. The human body is so arranged that even the most pleasant and eventful day tires it. And in the evening you want so much care, a light massage, a kind word. After a shower, in the soft twilight of your beloved home, it is so pleasant to walk barefoot, wrapping your tired body in a velor women’s dressing gown. No extra buttons, buttons and locks. No seams and «tightening». Nothing that can interfere with a comfortable stay. Freedom, warmth and the shoulder of a loved one as a pillow. The last one for today, sweet sleepy smile…

evening with a smile

We are sleeping, and our faithful Toptyzhkin has already calculated the results of the experiment: 103 most sincere smiles in a day! 103 minutes that have so easily been added to the chain of years of our lives! But, if you think about it, each of our «experimental» smiles was associated with our bathrobes. With the business that we do both at home and at work. With the work that is now life for us!

And so, literally today, we conferred and decided that our magical smile MUST brighten the life of someone else! We discovered the most important quality in her — YOU CAN GIVE A SMILE! It can be passed around. From us to each of you! We decided to hide a sincere smile in the pocket of each of our bathrobes, so that you will certainly smile when you receive your order! And having smiled, they transferred our smile to someone sad and gloomy, who is nearby! Tell him: “I give you a smile! And you — pass it on to someone else!

give smiles


«Minutes of comfort» — for your family!
You buy yourself a magic robe,
Find a smile in your shopping pocket
And give it to a friend right away!
And joy will reign all around
The soul will sing with boundless warmth!

But if you are going to buy bathrobes inexpensively — call us, we will help and advise!


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