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Bathrobe sizes or how we approach sizing women’s, men’s and children’s bathrobes

Each of us, who appreciates real home comfort, probably has a homemade or terry dressing gown in his wardrobe. And the majority of such bathrobes, probably a few. And although a dressing gown forgives many “nuances” of the figure, it is still worth talking about the sizes of bathrobes and how how to choose the right size.

How do we standardize the sizes of bathrobes from different manufacturers

Unfortunately, at present, many clothing brands use their own unique size charts for home wear. Some brands (for example, Asian ones) create their own size grid based on the characteristics of the physical parameters of their compatriots. But these parameters can vary from country to country, which leads to size confusion and difficulties for buyers.

How do we solve the problem with mismatched bathrobe sizes? It’s very simple, we measure each dressing gownby defining the following parameters:

physical dimensions of bathrobes

Robe length — the distance from the top seam on the collar to the bottom edge of the gown, measured in the middle of the back (the middle of the seam on the collar).

The length of the sleeve — the distance from the top point of the seam of the sleeve to the edge of its cuff.

Shoulder width — the distance between the upper points of the seam of both sleeves.

Back Width — the distance between the lower points of the seam of both sleeves along the back.

Waist Width — the width of the dressing gown in the smell (at the level of the waist and belt).

Further, on the basis of the obtained parameters, we determine the size of a particular model of a dressing gown, in accordance with the single size table adopted in our country. It is this standardized size that we present on the site for the convenience of our customers. Thus, the buyer, choosing a dressing gown, can safely rely on the indicated size, without fear that this model may be oversized or undersized. For completeness of information, we also display the size that is indicated on the dressing gown itself, so that the buyer would know the full information about this model.

All measured parameters for each model of bathrobes, as well as all information regarding the size of the bathrobe are presented on the product page as a link «Sizing chart for this model.»

robe size link

The nuances of determining the size of home pajamas can be found here — 60m.com.ua/kak_podobrat_svoj_size_pizhamyi.

How to determine your bathrobe size?

Since we have reduced all sizes of bathrobes to a single standardized size, you can safely rely on the standard size selection table, knowing your physical parameters.

The size of women’s bathrobes

To determine the correct size, we recommend using size chart for women’s bathrobes.

For example, when choosing the size of a women’s dressing gown, having a height of 170 cm, a chest circumference of 95 cm, a waist of 73 cm and a hip of 97 cm, we define our size as M and boldly rely on this size when choosing a dressing gown in our store. In addition, the sleeve length parameter will help to imagine how the sleeve will look in length (since different models of bathrobes have different sleeve lengths, from short sleeves to long cuffs).

how to remove your settings

The size of men’s bathrobes

To determine the correct size, we recommend using men’s bathrobe size chart.

The principle of determining the size of a men’s bathrobe is completely identical to determining the size of a bathrobe for women. You need to measure your parameters: height, chest, waist and hips and determine your size based on the table.

Useful advice on choosing the size of a bathrobe for a gift!!!

Often bathrobe is chosen as a gift near and dear people. In this case, the girths of the body of the future owner of the dressing gown are not always known. In this case, the parameters that we measure for each model of the bathrobe and which are indicated in the model size table are very useful. You need to take the clothes of the person to whom the robe will be given and measure the same measurements that we measure on the robes. Further, by opening the table of sizes of a specific model at the link on the product page «Size chart of this model«, you will be able to accurately determine the required size.

Size of baby bathrobes

To determine the correct size, we recommend using baby bathrobe size chart.

With the sizes of children’s bathrobes, everything is much simpler. If you do not make the main mistake, the choice becomes very simple. What is this error? It lies in the fact that most often when choosing a size they rely on age child, not on his height!!! This is fundamentally wrong, since children at the same age have a very strong difference in height, and, accordingly, in physical parameters. Although it is customary to indicate the size of a bathrobe by age (including on our website), the most important thing is height. And if you add here your own table of sizes from different manufacturers of children’s bathrobes, we get complete confusion.

To solve this problem and simplify the choice of customers, we again brought all sizes to a single standard and display the size on the site not the one indicated by the manufacturer, but the one that corresponds to the physical parameters of a particular bathrobe model.

Let’s get back to choosing the size of the baby bathrobe. As we have already said, it is first of all necessary to rely on the growth of the child. Knowing the height, you can use the size table to determine exactly what size you can rely on when searching for a product in our store.

baby bathrobe sizes

And now, for clarity, we give an example. You choose a terry dressing gown for a child of 6 years old. Since clothes for a child need to be chosen a little with a margin, it would seem that the optimal solution is to look for size 6-7 in Internet stores (or, as some manufacturers indicate, size 6). But what to do if the assortment of stores can contain sizes 118, 122, etc.? And is it right to do so? The best option would be to determine the height of the child. For example, in our case, at 6 years old, the height of the child is 114cm. We look at the table and see that in this case we need to look for the size not 6-7, but 5-6 (the child turned out to be slightly smaller than the average height for his age). Now, you can safely rely on this size and be sure that even if the size 3-4 is indicated on the bathrobe, but according to our table it is presented as 5-6, it will definitely fit your baby. Yes, yes, there are situations when a bathrobe with a size 4 indicated by the manufacturer is perfect for a child of 6 years old and even with a small margin.

Useful advice on choosing the size of a baby bathrobe!!!

The most practical solution would be to choose a bathrobe for a child not just “with a margin”, but a little «for growth». In our case, it happened that they bought a children’s bathrobe 4-5 sizes larger than necessary. Although we don’t recommend bending too much in this case, taking a dressing gown 1-2 sizes larger is the right decision. After all, a children’s bathrobe «for growth» will be a little longer than provided by the manufacturer, and the sleeve can always be rolled up.


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