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Summer beach fashion trends

The main summer beach fashion trends are iridescent colors and an enchanting variety of silhouettes. Plus, the prints are dominated by the theme of the sea and flowers, and cotton, modal, bamboo, silk and linen are considered the most fashionable and healthy fabrics for healthy relaxation. Knitted items and lace will also be popular. Well, and one more thing — ethnic motifs are at the peak of their popularity in this hot season. Well, now — a closer focus on trends.



neckline beach robes

Leto writes in big letters in the history of many girls airy playfulness and absolute sexuality. In this regard, dressing gowns with a deep neckline and emphasized waist will be ideal.


romantic beach robes

The main highlight of the SUMMER style is casually accentuated femininity. Tight silhouettes, color contrasts, decorative frames. Length — mini and midi. Bathrobes in the style of summer with their whole appearance gravitate towards maximum emancipation, do not restrict movements and create a flying effect in your soul and around you.


light colored beach robes

The romance of a marine vest and the harmonious combination of blue and white, blue and pink is the color block of the season on any beach. However, the game of contrasts is the main feature of the new, already started season. All the colors of the rainbow “sing” in the summer cocktail, not only not “shouting” over each other, but also complementing, adding juice, joy and color.

turquoise beach robes

The color block of summer actively manifests itself in prints and a variety of trends. It is worth paying attention to dressing gowns with «linear» graphics and a free, smooth frame.


lightweight beach robes

Things that can give the skin the maximum amount of air. Here is a special fashion claim of the season. Perforation can manifest itself both through the use of «breathable» fabrics for sewing a bathrobe (cotton, bamboo, viscose, linen), and through special complex shapes and weaving of fabrics that fashion designers use to «let air» into beach bathrobes. The weave of the fabric in mesh, polka dot, or lozenge shapes creates a sense of high-class comfort and a certain mystery that manages to achieve it.

original beach robes

However, beach robes welcome perforation in other ways: button fastening, lace inserts, voluminous ornaments from lighter fabrics — these are all things that you can use as a refreshing summer airy cocktail in hot weather.


beach robes with original prints

Initially, beach fashion is basically amazing with a huge variety of prints. The grandiose freedom of a fantastic floral variety and meaningful conciseness of philosophical solutions, plot drawings and geometry of any nature, abstractions and blurry bright spots, vintage and Central Asian graphics. All this easily coexists not only in one summer, but also in the wardrobe of one woman.

beach robes with original designs

And another very remarkable trend: this summer, among the prints for summer bathrobes, there appeared drawings associated with the outline of a human figure, eyes, lips. So, if you want something special for yourself, look for a similar robe or shirt.


white beach robes

White color creates a romantic veil of fragility, defenselessness, tenderness, touching seductiveness and innocence over any girl. In addition, in combination with white, tan bronze looks very beneficial, and it has the ability to repel harmful solar radiation.


retro beach robes

In the sultry season, fashion designers gave the deep retro the maximum number of compliments, and with them — an advance of women’s sympathies. Sentimental luxury and quivering grace. Here’s how you can call retro in a nutshell — a collection of summer robes, collected in our store just for you. Lace and frills, uncomplicated finishes and patterns, emphasize the atmosphere of the sun and the sea, which a priori must carry a beach robe.

boho beach robes

Another special summer trend is boho style. Style for a special girl, style for a girl who always strives to stand out from the crowd. Bright colors, almost transparent airiness, a combination of incongruous elements, confident ease absolutely harmonize in this style with a subtle sense of taste.

Features of the manifestation of style in the field of beach «robe» fashion — decoration in the form of frills, ruffles and flounces. Plus — the frequent use of various tassels, ribbons and light fabric with a colorful (cell, flower, ethno) pattern.

In addition to the main fashion trends of the summer season, it is important to pay attention to some features of tailoring.



beach robes short

As a rule, for a hot day, the most relevant length of a bathrobe is above the knee. A short dressing gown will allow you not only to forget about the word “hot”, but also give you a bonus in the form of polysyllabic compliments to your slender and tanned legs.

To the floor

beach robes long

When the evening, life-giving coolness descends over the sea, you can put on a dressing gown made of light fabric (silk, satin, cotton) of medium length or even floor length. Such a bathrobe will not only create an area of ​​romantic mystery around you, but also protect you from intrusive insects and temperature changes.

Here, in fact, are all the beach bathrobe secrets that we wanted to share with you at the very beginning of a juicy, sweet summer! Use them, buy quality bathrobes and have a lot of fun with life, the beach and yourself this summer! Catch every moment, every ray of the golden sun, every Minute and be incredibly happy!

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