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Gift towel or towel cake

As they say, a person gets used to comfort very quickly. And it’s hard to argue with that. And how can one not get used to it, if from birth a loving mother wraps her beloved child with delicate skin in a soft terry children’s corner after bathing? And then — the mysterious and solemn rite of Baptism takes place, during which the baby is dipped three times in the holy font and laid on a snow-white baptismal roof? Also soft and warm. Well, then in a sunny childhood, comfortable poncho towels appear, soaked through with a fairy tale and mysterious adventures. Girls — learn to cook with their mothers in the kitchens, and at the same time — comprehend the science of communicating with kitchen towels. Boys, along with dads, also learn to choose textile gifts, say, by March 8th. And then — the same wedding with a towel dowry, a honeymoon, absolutely inseparable from a towel …

And quiet homely «Minutes of Comfort», with a life arranged in such a way that it is always at hand, in whatever corner of the house you find yourself — in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the nursery — there will be a soft high-quality square … Well, then — life begins its new spiral. The first child is born to a young family, and he is also wrapped in tender terry cloth after the first font…

beautiful bath towels

Of course, such an ideal element of comfort can be a great gift. Are you going to a christening, birthday or wedding? Kryzhma, a sauna set and a beautiful family set of towels will be a pleasant and very useful gift for the heroes of the occasion.

baby gift towels

Can I donate a towel?

Some superstitious people ask this question, and even more superstitious people sometimes answer that it is impossible. But even for such cases, the most superstitious people have come up with ways to avoid such prohibitions:

— sell a gift for 1 kopeck (this will turn out to be not a gift, but a sale)

— give towels in sets with other items (for example, soap)

— use a towel as a decorative wrapping or holiday decoration.

It is about the unusual ways of presenting towels as a gift that we will talk today.

1. Towel cake for a newborn

towel cake

Surely, all accomplished mothers nod in agreement when they see this unusual cake. After all, it combines two main requirements for a gift: originality and practicality. This «sweetness» contains in the recipe a couple of high-quality hypoallergenic terry towels (for example, from a set of towels), and a cute decoration toy. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time by both mother and her baby. Moreover, the donor will be remembered every time they bathe a newborn miracle, or go to take a bath themselves. True, we repeat once again — pay special attention to quality when choosing and shaping such a gift. After all, both the skin of the child and the skin of the mother during this period, more than ever, needs special care. Any synthetics in the cake, as in the present — margarines and dyes — are unacceptable. Give love and do it with love!

2. Towel as original gift packaging

towel as gift wrapping

Are you going to visit? For example, your best friend invited you to her place (for her birthday, bachelorette party, or just to talk heart to heart). You are unspeakably happy with the invitation, looking forward to a real holiday and, at the same time, racking your brains over the present. To be beautiful, original, necessary and not exorbitantly expensive. An ideal option for such purely female gatherings would be a set of bath cosmetics. Well, you can wrap it in practical packaging (which, moreover, you don’t have to dispose of later) — a beautiful towel in the tone of the wellness line that you have chosen for a gift. Lavender, olives, honey and milk, pearls — you will surely find a towel of the right color with us (for example, one of the terry towels)!

3. Figures from towels

towel figurine

In the meantime, you were telling your dear friend about what you had a chance to see / try / buy, your loved one has already missed you. And, out of boredom, I cooked dinner. Romantic. And the table was decorated with such a miracle — a small towel elephant. Well, isn’t he your darling?
We’ll let you in on a secret (for those of the men who are in a hurry to repeat the feat of your beloved): for such a super cute table animal, you will need several kitchen towels. It is best to take linen textiles or waffle towels. Well, then — a flight of fancy and sleight of hand!

4. Towel as a surprise from distant countries

towel paris

However, even returning from a trip, do not forget about a faithful and reliable friend — a towel. And the question is this. Be honest, do you also love to bring some trifle from different countries and regions as a keepsake? Then this tip is for you! Why not buy a small kitchen towel (for example, one of these kitchen towels) in a fairy-tale town instead of an absolutely useless souvenir plate or magnet? With a map, with symbols, with a pattern of culture that you have touched on your journey? How nice it will be to hang it in your favorite kitchen and, every time, remember a fabulous trip … Memory and benefit — two in one!

towels with hearts

Give beautiful and useful gifts! Love each other! Your «Minutes of Comfort»


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