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How to buy clothes online

Life does not stand still, and what 10 years ago seemed like fantasy has come to every home. One of the fashionable modern trends is online fashion shopping (buying clothes on the Internet). Every year in Ukraine, the growth of purchases in electronic stores is growing by an average of 30%, and even more in the clothing segment. Why is online shopping so rapidly gaining momentum?

Benefits of buying clothes online

Buy online conveniently

Thousands of online stores are available to everyone at a click away. No need to spend a lot of time traveling to different parts of the city, tiring festivities in real shops and shopping centers. No need to adjust to store opening hours. All online stores are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Imagine: in the evening, after a hard day’s work, you take a cup of coffee, sit comfortably in front of the screen (or pick up a smartphone) and plunge into the boundless world of shopping.

Buying online is profitable

Often prices in online stores are lower than in real ones. Many copies have already been broken on this and we will not go into platitudes. For example, if we take the cost of a men’s terry bathrobe, then in our store (60m.com.ua) the price will be approximately 20-40% lower than in a real store in Kyiv or any other regional center. For small towns, this difference can be even more significant.

Buy online quickly

This issue is most relevant for residents of metropolitan areas. Often, bathrobes, pajamas, slippers or towels are bought as a gift. And as a rule, this gift is needed for tomorrow. In this case, you either have to go to the first store you come across and buy what is already there (often ordinary stores cannot boast of a large assortment and sizes in stock) or choose a gift in an online store (for example, 60m).

There is a wide variety on the Internet

As already mentioned above, a significant advantage of online stores is the range. For example, in the online store 60m.com.ua, the range of bathrobes alone is 350 different models. Yes, there is a wide range of sizes available. Where did you see such an assortment of dressing gowns in stock in a regular store? Can you imagine how much space is needed for the exhibition of such a quantity of goods of only one category — bathrobes. How much does it cost to rent this space? And after all this cost lays down in cost of the same dressing gowns!

You can find real reviews on the Internet

Is it possible to trust only the advice of sellers? And can the seller know how the clothes will behave after washing or how durable each individual model is? In this case, “collective experience” in the form of reviews is simply irreplaceable. We, at 60m store, are very careful in collecting feedback: we ask each customer to leave their objective review, we do not delete bad reviews, but only draw the right conclusions from them.

Now about fears and difficulties. Let’s look at the main fears of those who are afraid to shop online, and we’ll tell you how we deal with them. To be honest, each sale causes a special thrill to those people who make their first purchase online. Excitement, responsibility and an attempt not to «disappoint» such people — such sales go through such feelings. At the same time, what a pleasure it is to receive positive feedback from such people. But back to the specifics of the difficulties.

Difficulties when buying clothes online

Difficulty 1. How to guess your size

Imagine the average return rate in large online clothing stores is 20%. This is just a huge number that brings a lot of negative emotions to both buyers (disappointment and time) and sellers (shipping costs). Most return issues are due to size mismatches.

How do we deal with it? We take this issue very seriously. We have created our own measurement system for each unit of goods and we measure everything. Each model, each size of this model and even each new batch of the same model. Yes, it is difficult and long. This can only be done by those who have the goods in their own warehouse (as a rule, these are small and specialized stores, like ours). Since we started doing this, we’ve become more and more convinced of the usefulness of this and where the 20% return figure comes from. Sometimes even the same model, but in the new batch has some discrepancies in physical dimensions.

How we measure our goods, we wrote here:

— nuances when choosing the size of slippers

— bathrobe sizes or how we approach sizing women’s, men’s and children’s bathrobes

In addition, we always find out the physical parameters of the future owner of the clothes and compare them with the size chart of this particular model.

And of course return. Our return conditions are the most loyal. Even according to the law, underwear is not subject to return and exchange, but we go for it and are ready to accept a return even 14 days after the purchase (if the product has not been used).

Difficulty 2. And if the product in the photo and in life is different

This happens in those stores that save on product photos. After all, in the online store, the buyer actually buys clothes from the photo. And the photo is the main thing! We understand this and we ourselves do detailed and real photos of exactly those goods that the buyer will receive upon purchase.

Difficulty 3. Impossible to feel

Yes, this is indeed a significant problem of all online clothing stores, which is not 100% solved. But do not despair. With a careful approach to the choice, a careful study of the description, photos and consultation with the store manager, you will get exactly what you expect. In our store (60m.com.ua), we try to describe the composition of the fabric in as much detail as possible, separately separating and not confusing such concepts as material (for example, cotton) and type of fabric (for example, terry cloth). We measure the density of fabrics (to compare different models with each other) and the weight of the goods. All this data gives an idea of ​​what you will get and no disappointments.

Complexity 4. What if they send a defective product

We will tell you a secret that none of the wholesale suppliers check each product model for defects. This is understandable, since huge volumes of goods pass through them and they simply cannot physically do it. At the same time, most online stores with a wide range of products sell directly from suppliers’ warehouses. And only small and specialized stores (and again about us …) can guarantee protection against marriage.

Difficulty 5. Packaging

Our experience has shown that the issue of packaging is extremely relevant when buying clothes and slippers for a gift. We monitor the packaging, and even if the packaging from the supplier does not look right, we always repackage the goods in new packaging. But over time, we went further and added gift packaging to our range for every taste: gift bags, boxes and handbags.

As you can see, you can work with all fears. And if you are still afraid to buy clothes in online stores — come to us. We will do our best to make your first experience as positive as possible. This is really important to us!

Sincerely, the staff of the clothing store for the home, 60m.com.ua


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