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How to choose home slippers — tips for choosing slippers for home

The choice of home shoes is a matter of style and material, well, and a little more — the right size. Although, the main role in the choice is still played by the purpose, the purpose of use. So, let’s define the criteria.

Purpose of slippers

Are you looking for slippers? for the cold season? Then pay attention to closed (elongated) models, with insulation (fur, felt) and thick soles, which keep the foot warm for a long time. looking after slippers for summer? Then take a look at the range of open models, flip flops, sandals. These types of home shoes are well breathable, do not soar the foot and glide well. Slippers with open toe help keep your feet healthy rubber models used for baths and saunas. If you are preparing for a romantic date in your own home, choose among openwork models with heels or wedges. «flip flops» protect the foot from the hot sand on the beach, and moccasins keep you warm on a winter morning.

how to choose slippers

Purpose of purchase: house slippers for yourself or as a gift

Slippers are often bought as a gift. Therefore, both for yourself and for a gift, you need to understand how and where these slippers will be used.

As a rule, there are three main groups of home shoes. First — for everyday wear and housework (they must be made of a material that is easy to wash).

casual slippers

Second — for relaxation and meeting close friends or relatives in a home «reception». Most often these are soft slippers with a virtuoso design, light colors.

leisure slippers

Third — for an intimate meeting with loved ones in your home. The requirements for this shoe are very high: it must be combined in color and texture with erotic and sleeping underwear, be on a wedge or a small heel.

romantic slippers

Where to look?

Women’s house slippers with casual soles

Women’s slippers with heels and wedges

Men’s casual house slippers

Slipper materials

Home slippers can be made from a wide variety of materials.

Leather, suede, leatherette — the most commonly used materials for men’s and women’s slippers. They keep heat well and for a long time and at the same time pass air.

faux leather slippers

Rubber and foam is a popular modern choice. Such slippers are well washed, durable, resistant to damage from many chemicals.

Linen, velor, polyester, wool or cotton as a slipper top cover — a great option if frequent washing is expected (including in a washing machine).

textile slippers

Bedroom and bathroom slippers are usually made from soft velor or terry cloth. These two types of fabric are convenient in that they provide breathability to indoor shoes, warmth and comfort to the feet. Velor and terry slippers are suitable for the home and for variable climatic conditions. In these rooms, insulating fabric pads are often used, which allows you to keep your feet warm for a long time in the cold season.

For a harsh climate, they will also be indispensable slippers with fur inside.

fur slippers

The choice of material also depends on the personal preferences of the buyer and the purpose of the purchase. Decide if your slippers should be warm, breathable, washable or waterproof? Now feel free to go shopping!

Home shoe size

As a rule, the size of home slippers determines the length of the foot. How to measure it correctly — see here: 60m.com.ua/razmeru_tapok#r1

An important role in the purchase is also played by the width of the foot. Some brands make extra-narrow, narrow, wide and extra wide slippers, while adding data to the information about their product. When choosing slippers, pay attention to this moment in order to save yourself from grief.

slipper sole type

The sole can also serve as an indicator of the purpose of the shoe. For example, fabric or leather sole «says» that the slippers are intended only for wearing in the house.

slippers with soft soles

Where to look?

Women’s slippers with soft soles

Rubber outsole testifies to the long service life of shoes, incorporated by the manufacturer in their product, as well as the fact that slippers can be worn not only in the house, but also outside it. Some rubber soles are also designed to prevent slips and falls (thermoplastic rubber). Certain types of slippers are designed specifically for therapeutic use, because the sole has massage properties.

The latest models of home shoes are made on the basis of foam soles, which has the so-called «memory». This foam softens the step, reduces injuries to the foot, knees and hips when walking. «Foam with memory» allows you to evenly distribute body weight on the entire foot, it is thanks to this that a therapeutic effect is achieved.

Interesting (and also no less frequently used) material — evaplast. Initially, it was intended for the manufacture of prosthetic, orthopedic and children’s shoes. Today, it is no less often used in the wide production of slippers.

Slipper color and design

Home shoes can be of different colors, models and designs. There are different colors and designs for different age groups. For example, slippers for young girls (or young at heart grandmothers) are most often with a playful design, depicting flowers and animals. Sandals, boots or clogs will please adult women and men more, they are usually more utilitarian, simple in shape and in natural (often classic dark) tones.

types of slippers

Connoisseurs of the world around will find the perfect solution with floral or animal motifs, football fans will distinguish the flag of the country — the homeland of their favorite team — on slippers.

slippers for men

Where to look?

Men’s slippers

The kids will be delighted with the heroes of their favorite cartoons, who, thanks to slippers, will fall asleep and wake up with them.

children's house slippers

Where to look?

Children’s house slippers

Fashion trends of the season

Home fashion is also subject to a certain style and rules. Slippers are part of the image, an irreplaceable detail, a trifle that determines the taste and can tell a lot about its owner. If you also want to keep up with fashion and not lose your “brand” even at home, look for yourself this year sock slippers with large polka dots. Retro style is the most noticeable trend in home fashion today.

slippers with soft soles

It is also worth looking at slippers on a wedge or with a heel. It is impossible to lose femininity even in the conditions of a closed space at home and a limited social circle. Hits of the season in this direction: fur trim, lace, raspberry, black, lilac and peach colors.

romantic slippers

Another fashionable hit of the year is slippers made from natural materials (wool, felt) with ethnic patterns.

felt house slippers

Where to look?

Felt slippers for women

Felt home slippers for children

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