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Linen robes

Advantages and disadvantages of linen bathrobes

Probably, everyone has already heard about clothes made of linen. Now, in the light of fashion trends for environmentally friendly materials, linen clothing is at the peak of popularity. Why is linen fabric so popular and why linen robes are bought (for example, women’s linen robes and men’s linen robes), we will try to figure it out.

linen fabric — This is a fabric that is obtained from flax fiber. But flax fiber, in turn, is made from thin layers of flax stem. At the same time, it should be noted that the extraction of linen fiber from a flax stem is much more difficult than obtaining cotton fiber, which makes linen fabric more expensive to manufacture.

linen fabric

So why have people used flax for a long time, with so much labor for processing it? And they did it precisely thanks to the unique properties of flax, which are largely ahead of the properties of cotton, for example, healing properties. So, if the wound is bandaged with a linen bandage, it heals much faster than when using a cotton bandage.

Let’s now consider in detail the main advantages and disadvantages of linen fabric.

linen bathrobes: advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of linen bathrobes:

  1. Linen bathrobes perfectly absorbs moisturedries quickly and allows the body to feel comfortable in the hot season (or in a bath, sauna)
  2. One of the main advantages of linen fabric, in relation to cotton fabric, is good heat transfer. Linen bathrobes will always be colder than the ambient temperature in the heat, and warmer in the cold.
  3. Linen robes are always on 100% naturaltherefore, do not accumulate static electricity in the cold season and favorably affect the body’s immunity.
  4. Unique antiseptic properties linen fabric. Flax fiber is able to suppress the vital activity of pathogenic bacteria. This means that flax is a unique natural antiseptic that is used in everyday life in the form of clothing and textiles. Linen bathrobe is indispensable for allergic diseases, asthma, for pregnant women. And for an ordinary healthy person, a linen bathrobe is a healthy lifestyle and unity with nature.
  5. The good hygroscopic qualities, together with the excellent antibacterial properties of linen bathrobes, allow them to neutralize unpleasant odorstherefore in such dressing gown you will never smell badly.
  6. The linen robe is strong and durable item. This robe is 5-6 times stronger and more durable than a similar 100% cotton robe. In addition, linen fabric withstands more washes, is not afraid of ironing and does not turn yellow over time, like cotton.

Disadvantages of linen bathrobes:

  1. Any linen dressing gown is very wrinkle quickly. You will only have time to stroke him, as he will remember them at the very first bends. This is a natural lack of naturalness of this material. As they say, «this is the price for all its advantages.»
  2. Linen bathrobe is not universal. There are no, for example, terry linen robes. A linen bathrobe is always a light summer dressing gown that perfectly absorbs moisture, allows the body to breathe and feel comfortable. But this dressing gown is unlikely to be a good choice for the cold season, it will not be able to warm you as well as a homemade terry dressing gown, for example, made of microfiber.

Now, knowing all the advantages and disadvantages of linen bathrobes, you can make an informed choice, clearly understanding in which cases it is worth wearing such a bathrobe, and in which it may be worth paying attention to other materials. For example, a linen dressing gown would be a great choice as a homemade dressing gown for the summer. You can also use such a bathrobe in a bath, sauna, as a hotel room, as well as in SPA-salons and other similar establishments.

Often, also, fabrics are used from a combination of linen and cotton, which allows you to use the advantages of both materials. But this is a topic for a separate story … In our online store of dressing gowns, both women’s dressing gowns made of linen and men’s linen dressing gowns are presented.

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