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Models of dressing gowns for slender girls — how to choose

We have previously published an article on how to choose a dressing gown for curvaceous female forms. Today, the choice of a dressing gown for slender beauties is next in line.

Mystery of the ugly duckling

I was not always a self-confident and impeccable slim girl with almost ideal parameters. At school, everyone called me the “ugly duckling” and, believe me, for what! Long neck, sharp shoulders, crooked (for the first time I admit this to anyone other than my mirror image, fix this moment!) legs. I looked at the world with wide blue eyes, and it seemed to me that they, these eyes, were half the size of my face and disfigured me to such an extent that I looked like a monster from a fairy tale. To hide these eyes, I constantly wore long bangs (because of it, in the end, my eyesight deteriorated and I had to — oh, horror! — Add glasses to my “beauty”).

girl model

Well, then the worst began. In 8th grade, all my classmates already wore a bra, they were insanely proud of it and, of course, laughed at the flat me, who still looked like a teenager and hid my “lack of femininity” under thick sweaters, long scarves and ugly collars. I didn’t have a boyfriend for a long time. Because of my ugliness, of course! After couples at an economic university (which I entered without any problems, because there was nothing to do after the lessons, which means I sat down to learn lessons), I walked by myself in the monastery park. To be honest, I love this watch. Especially in the spring. My skinny figure, in a shapeless coat, stupid beret and unchanging jeans, was lost against the backdrop of reviving nature. I always walked along the path known to the pain, reached the very last bench in the park, sat down on it and read. Anything but romance novels. They evoked insane melancholy, which flowed into caustic loud laughter at the stupidity and monotony of the authors of the wretched text.

One day I got my hands on Dale Carnegie’s excellent book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. I read it in one gulp, as if I had drunk a bottle of champagne alone! And the intoxication with a new understanding of life was really the same as after champagne! My eyes suddenly sparkled, my shoulders straightened, my gait became light, and I rushed over the earth into a new (now I can say this for sure!) Life! A week later, no one recognized me at the university. Instead of the usual shapeless skinny creature hiding its eyes in books, a girl of incredible beauty appeared. With a shock of curly hair, a folding figure and a radiant look. I believed in myself and made others believe in me! It’s probably not worth saying that soon I met my main love in life. And now, I’m thinking about letting him in not only into my heart, but also inviting him into the house … That is, to make it so that it was like in a love story I despise, to fall asleep and wake up together …

True, there is a nuance …

Witches and Fairies Transformation Secrets

I constantly work on myself, my appearance, follow fashion and read smart books. And in general — I just keep up with the times. But! After all, it was not my essence that changed, but my attitude towards myself, etc. In a word, read Carnegie, and you yourself will tell everything better than me. The main thing is that the actual essence, hidden behind the right clothes, the same heel of 10 cm (this is the height that is ideal for my type of figure) has not changed much. In the same way, there was no captivating curve between the hip and waist, chest (at least the second size, I would not have dared to dream of more!) And, to be honest, absolutely crooked legs were present. All this real wealth evoked the old melancholy, and I dragged on with the offer to move in with me. The complex witches in my head didn’t want to become fairies. And when my silence began to alarm my young (and beloved!) Man, the relationship was on the thin line between life and death, my beloved, faithful, three hundred times proven … fairy appeared on the threshold of the house. At three in the morning. With a bottle of cognac. And good practical advice.

girl model

And in the morning I was already in «Minutes of comfort», choosing what soon became the solution to my problems, Zen energy for my (hopefully in the future!) Family hearth and a symbol of my “charm and beauty” (this is already a quote from the words of a loved one). Yes Yes! Now I’m talking about that light, warm, cozy dressing gown that intrigued you at the very beginning. And a friend advised me to buy a bathrobe in this style. And it was about him that we talked with a friend all night! And it was he who became my reliable friend “in the rear” of my home. That night, my wise friend taught me how to choose the right home clothes. I will be grateful to her for this all my life! And I share with you! So that as many girls as possible with problems like mine become really happy!

Model girl. What should be thrown out of your home wardrobe?

wide bathrobe

Too wide robes. It would seem that behind a wide, and without clear lines, a dressing gown is the easiest way to hide excessive thinness. But no! The choice of a wide bathrobe for the home is ideal only in two cases: either you want to have a baby in the near future and look so globally into the future, or … you want to show everyone the curvature of your legs! If neither one nor the other is included in your immediate plans — forget about the wide robe, like a terrible dream on your wedding night!

tight bathrobe

Tight things. A paradoxical conclusion in practice: thin girls of the «boyish» type should not rush from one extreme to another. A robe that emphasizes every curve of the figure (and along with the curves and all its flaws) is also not the best choice.

fine print robe

small drawings. Behind the ripples of tiny drawings on the fabric of the dressing gown, you are lost as a beautiful girl. Having tried on such a thing in the store, hang it back with peace of mind. You don’t need it at home, because he is your special stronghold! And, really, to prove personal uniqueness also in the fight against your own dressing gown is an absolutely useless waste of energy!

cut-out robe

V-neck. Take a closer look at bathrobes with such a neckline. The «Sign of Vendetta» is favorable to those girls who are short and have a short neck. He will easily add harmony to the donut. But a thin girl, on the contrary, will ruin the reputation of a beauty. Moreover, it will prove to the whole world that you have absolutely invisible breasts.

Model girl. What is worth looking at?

dark robe

To black robes, fine structure and medium length. Yes, another paradox! Black color is a special assistant to all girls with an imperfect figure. True, black is different for black. You should not hold your gaze on dressing gowns made of dense fabric (terry cloth, for example), because you will look like a clothes hanger in a new thing. Your material is fine wool, satin, silk and even velor. And the length is also worth paying attention to. Short robes emphasize the lack of slimness of the legs, too long — focus on the absence of an «hourglass» in the structure of the figure.

asymmetric bathrobe

Asymmetrical cut. Semicircle, square and «boat», charmingly exposing one shoulder — this is the choice of women, with small forms. True, there is a nuance. If the top of your silhouette is “decorated” by broad shoulders, it is better to refuse asymmetry.

padded shoulder robe

Overhead coat hanger and hourglass effect. Dressing gowns with a belt, fitted with tucks and expanding downwards, with false shoulders will help to “finish” the waist on your portrait.

dressing gown with contrasting flowers

Contrasting colors and prints. Playing with flowers, you can «win» the illusion of a waist (by choosing a set with a light top and a dark bottom) or — the illusion of such a desired chest volume (by choosing a thing with a floral print at chest level and a longitudinal strip along the hem).

high waist robe

high waist. Another hint if the question of the presence and absence of rounded shapes is too painful for you. A robe (or set) with a high waist and a wide belt will show off your chest in a favorable light.

textured robe

textured fabrics. Often, in girls with small breasts, the lower part of the body looks more massive than the upper. To add volume where it is lacking, you can use lace and ruffles, velvet inserts and embroidery.

Model girl. What should be in your home wardrobe?

light dressing gown

Light dressing gown. Pastel colors and white are good helpers in the fight against excessive thinness. Treat yourself to a gentle spring gift in peach, pink, lettuce, blue colors and wink at your mirror image.

bathrobe with pockets

Maximum pockets, folds. If just voluminous and baggy things are made from a slender girl, excuse me, a shapeless stuffed animal, then the “secret weapon” in the form of pockets, folds, frills and lace gives her incredible femininity.

oversized print robe

large print. With the help of volumetric embroidery in the right place, you can correctly place visual accents. Arrange so that when you look at your silhouette, an endless series of pleasant thoughts and dreams flash through your head.

horizontal striped robe

horizontal stripes. And, of course, a lifeboat for all the skinny ones: the horizontal stripe! Wide, thin, sprinkled with textured patterns — it does not matter much. The main thing is that the stripe makes your figure visually wider, at the same time adding roundness to the forms. There is one more pleasant moment: the strip as such is the hit of the upcoming hot fashion season!

not a long coat

Correct length. The arithmetic when choosing “slender girls” with not quite ideal legs for the length of a dressing gown is simple: the hem has no right to end where you yourself consider your legs to be crooked. Take a close look at your mirror image and decide on your ideal length!

bathrobe with 3/4 sleeves

Textured sleeve in ¾. Most often, thin girls also complain about the bony hands, ugly hands, etc. A dressing gown with a three-quarter-long lace free arch of a sleeve will help to save the situation in conditions of “undisguised sincerity” at home.

That’s all the secrets, girls! Enjoy life, look at it directly and confidently! And wrap your complexes more often in original dressing gowns from “Minutes of Comfort”! And, of course, swim in the sea of ​​admiration!

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