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A bathrobe is an obligatory attribute of visiting any bath!

sauna in winter

One day my old friend invited me to a bath. I rarely have to go to the bath, although I have always loved to take a steam bath in a pleasant company of friends. I gladly agreed, because it’s so nice to take a steam bath and relax in the cold season.

Our favorite bath

And on a frosty winter day, in the late afternoon, we all met in our beloved. Cheerfully and jokingly, we went to the dressing room, where, with great enthusiasm and anticipation of pleasant moments, we began to take off our winter skins. And here the first surprise awaited me. It turns out that in winter, in the unheated locker room, the temperature is quite «sobering». Previously, I probably either did not go to the bathhouse in such cold weather, or the room was warmed up by previous visitors. But this time we were the first.

“Or maybe I just didn’t notice before,” I thought and calmed down. Having quickly undressed, we were all eager to visit the steam room and feel the tenderness of warmth and a feeling of complete relaxation.

Everything was wonderful as always! We had plenty of steam and, according to the old tradition, went to the rest room to drink tea with bagels. But here again I felt the peculiarities of the first visitor to the unheated rooms of the bathhouse in winter. Of course, it would be right if not to heat all the premises around the clock, then at least heat them up to a comfortable temperature in advance. Or maybe everyone has their own concept of comfortable temperature? But the temperature at the level of «room freshness» for my steamed body turned out to be uncomfortable. At least for me.

relaxing in the bath
Protecting myself with a wet towel was not the best idea and I had to wear a T-shirt. Now I remembered that bathhouse, in which we were the time before last, and where everyone was given a towel, slippers and terry dressing gowns. But it’s a pity, they don’t give this here, but we love this particular bathhouse and are used to it. After all, it has become part of the tradition of our rare trips to the bathhouse.

Okay, it’s my own fault. It was necessary to provide for this and take my dressing gown. Now I’ll know. This is how I got a useful experience in visiting a bath in the winter and decided that next time I would definitely take this moment into account.

It is called «rested» in the bath …

Fuel was added to the fire the next day, when my friend complained that his neck was blown out. Here’s a healthy sauna for you … Everything turned out to be not so simple. Obviously, even for the bath you need to prepare accordingly.

And now, after some time, we again decided to gather in the bath. This time I was already experienced and took my warm and fluffy housecoat. And everything would be fine, but again a slight disappointment awaited me. Since I am, to put it mildly, not much of an expert on bathrobes and the materials from which they are made, I had some discomfort.

My home terry dressing gown

In order to describe this, I will say a few words about my dressing gown. It was bought at the initiative of my wife, but I chose it myself. The choice fell on the softest, warm-looking, and at the same time light dressing gown. And it was a great choice. It often kept me warm on cold winter evenings.

my housecoat

And everything would be fine, but as it turned out, my bathrobe is not at all for a bath! «How so? He’s furry! He’s warm!» I thought. But… It turned out to be made of the so-called «microfiber» material. And it is completely synthetic material and does not absorb moisture at all. I did not even suspect such a feature, and this created certain inconveniences for me in the bath. In order not to describe my whole story in detail, I will say briefly — I had to wipe myself dry after the pool and only after that put on a bathrobe. In addition, my steamed body felt uncomfortable in a dressing gown that did not absorb moisture. I had to constantly swing open to let my body «breathe». And this was also dangerous, from the point of view of the risk of catching a cold. That’s how I got the experience again, stuffing another bump.

My bath experience

Thus, having become an experienced visitor to the bath in the winter, I made 2 mandatory rules for «bath safety»:

1. In the bath, you must have a terry bathrobe.
2. The dressing gown must be made of natural material that absorbs moisture.

Although in some baths that respect themselves and their clients, bathrobes are issued, I nevertheless decided not to depend on the will of chance and the rules of the bath. I decided to buy a men’s terry bathrobe. Since the store where we bought the bathrobe, the choice turned out to be quite small, we had to use the Internet to find a bathrobe. And here a pleasant and at the same time complex surprise awaited me — the assortment of men’s terry dressing gowns turned out to be rather big. Which means you have to make the right choice…

my bathrobe

My new bathrobe

Everyone has their own story of choosing clothes, so I don’t think it’s worth retelling mine. The taste and color, as they say … As a result, I became the owner of a comfortable and pleasant natural terry dressing gown, which gives me protection and comfort every time I visit the bath. I hope my experience will be useful to lovers of bathing leisure, especially in winter. After all, it is not always possible to rely on the service of an unfamiliar bath. But your personal high-quality bathrobe never hurts.

By the way, tips for choosing a bathrobe have already been described a hundred times.

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