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Slipper sizes or nuances when choosing the size of slippers

Are you going to buy yourself cozy house slippers? Or maybe you want to make a gift to your mother and please her with nice little house boots? In any case, you should know nuances for determining the size of home shoes.


How to choose the right size of a bathrobe, we wrote in a separate article. Features of choosing the size of homemade pajamas can be found here. The basic principle according to which we approach sizing in the 60m.com.ua store is standardization of all sizes under a single grid adopted in our country.

Sizes of slippers

What does standardization of all sizes mean? Let’s take, for example, a certain model of slippers that runs small, i.e. the size 42 indicated on the slippers actually corresponds to the size 41. This happens with different suppliers due to the different size grids on which they rely. We measure the physical parameters of all models from all suppliers and reduce everything to a single table. Thus, slippers with size 42, but actually corresponding to size 41, will be displayed in the 60m.com.ua store as size 41.

house slippers size

Since we have standardized all sizes of all slippers to a single size grid, you just have to determine your physical parameters. This is the most standard parameter — the length of the foot. If you have already bought shoes in online stores, you have probably come across this parameter. Then it’s quite simple — You can safely rely on the sizes indicated in our store and not worry that this particular model may be oversized or small..

Standard Size Charts for Home Slipperson which we rely — 60m.com.ua/tablicza_razmerov_domashnix_tapochek

If you are faced with buying shoes online for the first time, You can determine your size yourself with the help of our guide. — 60m.com.ua/sizeru_tapok

How to guess the size of slippers when buying for a gift

When buying slippers or slippers for a gift, the physical parameters of the future owner are not always known. But this problem can be solved! One has only to take any shoes of the person to whom the gift will be intended and measure the parameters insole length. It is this length that indicates the size of the shoe worn by its owner. And since indoor shoes are almost always made free, the rest of the parameters (foot height, etc.) will not be important. See how easy it is!


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