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Dressing gown fashion season autumn-winter

The world’s leading designers call this year’s cold season both fundamental and individual. What does this mean in «human» language? Only what can (and should!) be worn at home is what makes a wife special in the eyes of her husband, a husband — unique in the eyes of his wife, and a child — just a favorite treasure, securely wrapped in a fluffy, warm bathrobe. «Raisins», features, colors and prints, loved and characteristic only for each individual person — these are the advantages of the new fashionable, upcoming «robe season».

And yet, there are several trends recommended by fashion experts (so to speak, directions in which fashionistas and fashionistas of the home catwalk should look for themselves). About the main ones here and now!

TOPA is our top bathrobe expert.


In the autumn-winter fashion season, pastel colors will be more relevant than ever. And this means that coppersmiths and fashionistas should take a closer look at those dressing gowns in which only a light breath of color is felt, as such: peach, pale yellow, coffee with milk, pale pink, beige. They — especially in the midst of bright autumn — symbolize softness, order in the soul, harmony with the outside world.

Our store presents a whole collection of warm bathrobes made of terry, microfiber, velor in the most fashionable and relevant colors for the season that has already stepped on the threshold.

Tones of clear water

Another feature of the «robe fashion» of the new season will be pure colors. Colors unburdened by patterns, distracting embellishments, geometry and decor. Metallic, dark blue, cherry, purple, orange, snow white — these are pure tones for people who strive to keep up with fashion even at home. In such a dressing gown, the color will be the main one, perfectly emphasizing the features of the soul of its wearer

By the way, as a rule, people with a calm, not overshadowed by doubts, soul prefer to buy such homemade dressing gowns. And also — strong personalities who are used to always turning their shortcomings into virtues.



In the upcoming autumn-winter season, a cage will be in fashion! Moreover, it will practically not matter what form it will be: small or massive, brightly outlined or barely noticeable, geometrically regular in shape, or bizarrely elongated! The cage will be the queen of the autumn-winter home ball!

So — princes and princesses, queens and kings, it’s time to call tailors and start assembling a unique toilet … Although, this is a painfully troublesome business! You can not philosophize slyly with tailors, but simply visit the online store of bathrobes «Minutes of Comfort» and pick up something that will outshine other kings and queens on all home podiums, well, if not the world, then at least your city!

feminine flower

A flower and a woman are indivisible concepts and, in principle, eternal. Fantasies on the theme of flowers have always been an adornment of the brightest women’s collections, both for high fashion catwalks and for home shows with a few, the closest, spectators and connoisseurs. The autumn-winter season is characterized by large bright buds that create an exclusive frame for the most important flower of each individual house — a woman. We also strive to breathe in unison with fashion. That is why — we offer you new, exclusive, delicate floral models, decorated on the hem, sides and lapels with large bouquets and miniature boutonnieres.

As for me, in a woman carefully dressed in flower petals, there is so much real, real, sophisticated femininity! Femininity, which is so lacking in modern male knights in a world shackled in the chains of universal equality. Thanks to such a dressing gown, it would never even occur to a single man to consider the queen of his cozy podium boring, or colorless and uninteresting.

An intriguing detail

Another very sophisticated and characteristic, as a rule, of women’s dressing gowns nuance: this season, designers place a fashionable emphasis on one large print: a butterfly, a cat, a flower, etc. In such a kind of dressing gown «tattoo» one feels special, emphasized by an intriguing detail home clothes, the philosophical outlook of a single person.

Thanks to such a «careless» detail, a woman can lift the veil over her mysterious inner «I». Well, every man, of course, will strive to fully reveal it for himself as soon as possible!

Retro from baroque to 80s

«Everything new is a well-forgotten old.» Probably, until today they have not yet come up with a more compelling characteristic for modern fashion shows. Increasingly, we see column skirts and the famous flared sun on the red carpet. Well, frills, intricate folds, lace and a small flower are returning to negligent fashion at the right time (according to our regular and beloved clients), causing acute nostalgia for grandma’s house, sweetly smelling of pies and mint. Zip robe, button robe, kimono robe are all trends. And yet — today at the peak of popularity, stylish large «peas» (red, white or black, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that you like it and give your soul such necessary moments of comfort).

True, in the revived retro, the key note, nevertheless, remains individuality. And this means that in your cozy dressing gown there must be your personal touch, in which you will draw your inspiration, which is so necessary for each new, bright day. And one more plus of the revived retro is good, very high-quality progressive materials and new technologies for making things (see the article about bamboo and cotton).

Underlined sexuality

Well, and the last (in our article, but far from home fashion) trend of the autumn-winter season: emphasized sexuality, served under the romantic veil of a light, elegant and very feminine dressing gown.

So, once again we focus the attention of our favorite fashionistas and fashionistas on the main directions of the already confidently walking on the ground, orange-pearl fashion season.


The season determines the vector of fashionable minimalism: taste in details + color + quality of the material — ultimately gives rise to an impeccable and magically improved model of a dressing gown that can give joy to its owner. In one thing, avant-garde cuts and chiseled femininity, tested by time and many generations, have never been so organically combined with intricate modern materials. Moreover, the quality of home clothes is of priority importance, and is given to the beloved buyer as a bonus, to the purchased home, furnished in the old fashioned way, comfort.


White silk and black lace, red velor and silver embroidery, warm, sun-soaked cotton and shiny viscose… All of these are elements of the 80s-era grunge style chic that are so confidently re-entering our lives and finding their place among things, providing us with daily comfort. And all these are elements that create an image full of unquestioning femininity, seductive and seductive.


Futuristic images are not an empty pathos sound released in the direction of a dressing gown. This is mania and nostalgia, this is bliss and an explosion of additional energy, this is the calmness of style and the creativity of home comfort. The struggle of contradictions on which the life of modern man is built. The struggle of contradictions on which the world as a whole and the world in each of us is built. That’s why the new season’s color scheme ranges from soft metallics, coffee with milk and shining white to lemon yellow, as well as deep dark blue (like the color of the autumn sky) with pearlescent inclusions and a graphic printed pattern that gives clarity to the fashionable look of a dressing gown. lines worthy of the country’s most famous catwalks.

Our dear fashionistas and fashionistas! Love the upcoming season, studded with gold and silver, and come to us, at 60m, for stylish, warm and so individual women’s bathrobes designed just for you!


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