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Bath and sauna sets

My bath set purchase history

After giving birth, I have actually been sitting at home for like 11 months. Not counting, of course, walking in the park with a stroller and other joys of a young mother. Days change one after another and nothing happens … But how you want to feel at least a little of your former life — bachelorette parties on Fridays, beer evenings, etc.

And then one day, my childhood friend invited me to the bath for a «winter bachelorette party». I was very happy, as the baby can be left in reliable care and I am in full fighting spirit.

I’m starting to get ready. The first thing that comes to mind is whether my old bathing suit will fit on me. After all, after giving birth, my figure clearly did not become slimmer. I searched for a long time, put it on and … On the one hand, the swimsuit fit on me, you can safely take it. On the other hand, the swimsuit clearly expresses all the difficulties of motherhood that have fallen on my figure during this time. I immediately imagined how uncomfortable I would be in front of my friend’s young employees who would also be joining us.

going to the bath

Apart from the swimsuitOf course, I will take my favorite terry bathrobe from the bath. After all, it is a cold winter outside and it is not known what temperature will be in the rest room. And suddenly drafts! I’m no longer a young daredevil, you should always think about yourself and your baby.

Then there is the question of bath accessories.. I am not a very frequent guest in baths and saunas, so until now I have taken simple house slippers and a bath towel to the bath. As a result, slippers quickly get wet from moisture and become simply wet through, you have to put on those that are usually found in baths “for everyone”. Personally, clothes, shoes and other attributes from the “for everyone” category just make me shudder. After all, it is not clear who has already walked in them. Uh, better not to think about it. The situation is the same with the bath hat — I always had to use common hats.

This time I decided that I need to think about myself and the baby and buy my own personal bath accessories. Least — bath slippers and hat. I’ll take my bath towel — I don’t see any problems here. There was a question of choice and purchase. For those who have not yet experienced the happiness of motherhood, I will tell you that even the usual, beloved by all of us shopping for a young mother changes its image. Now, instead of trips with girlfriends to supermarkets, lasting “for the whole day”, shopping comes behind the monitor screen during the baby’s daytime sleep. As communication with other young mothers showed, this is a general picture of what is happening, and probably the main buyers in modern online stores are young mothers.

As a result of long hours of sitting at the monitor, I came to certain conclusions, which I want to share with all of you:

— you can buy special slippers for the bath, but their choice is small and their appearance is, to put it mildly, “simple”
— there is a large selection of bath hats (they are called turbans) — they are relatively inexpensive
— but for myself I found an excellent bath set, which consists of bath slippers, a turban and a Velcro towel (bath sundress) in the same style.

Sauna towel

It’s about this bath and sauna set and want to tell. First, slippers and a turban. In any case, I would buy them, because without them it’s definitely not comfortable to go to the bathhouse. This is my experience, although some do not disdain. By the way, the slippers in such a set are made of pleasant thin terry cloth, which, although it gets wet quickly, does not absorb a lot of water, does not become very heavy and dries quickly. But the Velcro towel is generally a class. I really liked this idea with a towel that can be used as a sundress and go to the steam room and even sit in the relaxation room (although if it is wet, this is an unpleasant experience and it is better to use a quality terry bathrobe). As a result, there will definitely never be an extra towel in the family, and additional convenience is a clear plus. Now I was ready for a bachelorette party in the bathhouse and I think I will feel comfortable.

In total, my set for any trip to the bath or sauna:

— swimsuit
— terry dressing gown made of natural cotton
— thin terry slippers (as part of a bath set)
— a turban — a hat for a bath (as part of a bath set)
— a towel (in my case with Velcro, as part of a bath set)

I wish you all a pleasant holiday and good health. All this will give you a trip to the bath and the right choice of bath clothes. Be healthy!

my trip to the bath


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