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Home slippers as a gift. Can I donate slippers?

In our country, it was almost always customary to give slippers to relatives and friends.

The reason for this is the existing folk traditions and sharp climatic changes during the annual cycle. In the old days, home shoes were made with their own hands, booties were knitted from coarse threads, short felt boots were made from felt, or bast shoes were woven. Such slippers delighted children at Christmas, they were brought by godparents on name days. Moreover, in ancient times such a gift was considered very “magnificent”, since it cost a lot of work to the giver.

slippers for a gift

Nowadays, an entire industry is working on the production of home shoes. However, this does not make the selection process any easier. Especially when it comes to slippers for a gift. How to make this choice not only easy but also enjoyable? Not difficult. True, you need to know a few secrets.

Secret number 1. Etiquette. Can you donate slippers?

The first question that a person asks himself when thinking about a gift is: “Will it be appropriate?”. In the great code of rules for human coexistence, there are several lines about slippers.

«According to the rules of etiquette, home slippers can only be given to the closest peoplewho do not doubt your positive attitude and certainly will not interpret the essence of such a gift wrongly. If in doubt, better think of another present.”
Mom and grandmother will be delighted with home shoes. The first ones will appreciate the attention of adult children, the second ones really constantly need warmth because of the baggage of illnesses accumulated during their lives. Arthritis and diabetes will recede if the legs, tired from long-term physical activity, receive a share of well-deserved warmth and comfort, and hearts — love.

As a gift for close women of the older age group, non-staining models of restrained tones and colors are suitable. Women over 50 love floral motifs, they know how to appreciate good textiles and comfort when walking.

gift slippers for women

By the way, grandfathers and dads will also not mind receiving such a gift. After all, every year they also learn to value warmth and comfort more and more, even though they used to consider it the lot of sissies :).

gift slippers for men

Beloved men and women can also be gifted with slippers. Especially if the kit includes a bathrobe that is excellent in terms of fit and quality, or a sauna set. Slippers for loved ones need to be chosen with love, relying on preferences, hobbies, or simply the very symbolism of lovers.

slippers in a gift set

Slippers from expensive brands can be presented to distant relatives.

And, of course, children will be absolutely delighted with bright house slippers. A fairy tale in 3D format will be transferred to them on legs and under the bed. The main thing is to guess with cartoonish and fabulous hobbies. For example, juicy-colored slippers are suitable for a little princess. Although, you can give your daughter two pairs, say, in addition to pink pantaloons, very warm closed shoes made of felt and play with her a fairy tale about the reincarnation of Cinderella.

Little men will appreciate racing, dynamic stories. For boys, blue, purple, brown and green colors are suitable.

slippers for kids

Secret number 2. The right reason. To whom and on what occasion should you give home slippers.

In addition to etiquette, there is another unwritten code of laws and regulations, according to which humanity lives. These are prejudices and superstitions. If you believe the philosophy of grandmothers, you can only give slippers to a couple. For example. You have been invited to dinner with friends on the occasion of your birthday. Someone has a holiday, but if you are going to give slippers, it is necessary to present two pairs — both to the birthday man and his half — so that they continue to live together happily ever after.

The same goes for slippers as a wedding gift.. Two pairs of home shoes should be harmoniously matched in color, material quality and appearance. In addition, they must be packed in one package and tied tightly with a red ribbon.

There is another good custom — to give slippers for housewarming. Such a gift will never be superfluous in a new house. And even if the owners already have their favorite home shoes, your gift will surely become a cozy surprise for the guests of this new home.

slippers for a gift to a married couple

Secret number 3. Prohibitions. Who should not give home slippers.

Unfortunately, some peoples (primarily Eastern) have a ban on donating home shoes. This is considered not a very good omen, which promises separation. Although, in our country, they learned to circumvent these beliefs by inventing to take a symbolic payment in the form of several hard coins for a gift. The ritual goes like this. You come to the house with a wonderful gift — high-quality and cozy slippers. You hand them over to the culprit of the festive event and say: “I don’t give them to you, but I sell them for 7 kopecks.” The donee, smiling, gives you the money (although you can bargain, why is it so expensive, as much as 7 kopecks?), And you say congratulatory odes to him. The auction took place, the payment was taken, all misfortunes and superstitions will bypass the house.

There are a few more semantic nuances. Remember the famous saying about «white slippers»? Naturally, remember what a sad event it is associated with. In a word, avoid absolute snow-white color in choosing home shoes!

white slippers

And one moment. It is not advisable to give home slippers to your favorite guys or girls at the initial stage of your relationship. This can be interpreted as a sentence: «Let’s live together.» What if one of the couple is not ready for this?

Secret number 4. How to choose slippers for a gift.

Well, if, after all, you really want to give home slippers to a person whom you do not know so well? How to guess with a gift? How to surprise and please? There is an algorithm for choosing a good gift, following which you will never go wrong.

1. Before opening a page with shoes, remember what your future gift recipient is into. The more individual gift you choose, the more joy you will see on his face!

2. You can search for information about hobbies and views on social networks or ask mutual friends about it.

3. If you have a warm acquaintance with the hero of the occasion, or you are work colleagues, you can negotiate a future gift with him, directly specifying the desired colors and types of home shoes.

4. If you know for sure about certain addictions of a person, you can build on them by choosing slippers for a gift:
lover of retro and antiques you can give beautiful slippers with polka dots or warm natural felt slippers of the closed type.

5. A connoisseur of distant wanderings, hiking and trips to warm countries you can give practical slippers with an orthopedic insole and a breathable top coating. It will be nice to change into such slippers after a difficult pedestrian transition. And such slippers will become a pleasant reminder of a house far from it.

6. football fan like slippers with symbols and flags of your favorite teams in the world.

slippers by interests

7. Botanist, fan of a healthy lifestylea connoisseur of everything around, will be delighted with slippers with floral or space motifs.

eight. geek slippers will appreciate soft, warm, not distracting attention from work.

9. A soft and kind housewife who loves to please her family with something tastylike cute slippers in bright colors.

slippers by interests

ten. Girls who cannot imagine their life without going to spasyou will like slippers of unpretentious colors that can be washed easily and often.

Slippers are especially good as a gift with symbols for traditional annual women’s and men’s holidays: International Women’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Armed Forces Day of Ukraine.

slippers for the holiday

The price of slippers for a gift, if you guessed right with the size, color, shape and taste preferences, as a rule, it does not matter. True, there is also a nuance here: the home shoes that you donated must be of high quality. Gift marriage is not allowed!

Remember, a gift carefully selected with soul and love will be used by a person for a long time and you will be remembered with a kind word. By the way, it is very important to wrap the gift in a gift wrapping appropriate for the occasion and come up with an original congratulation.

gift wrap

Well, a little more curious about sneakers in the end. About those who, after the solemn event, will forever settle in your house. About those given with love, and those that you fall in love with at first sight.

— For home shoes from the first day you need to determine «your» place in housing.

— You can not put slippers «nose» to the front door — so that the family is whole, and everyone lives happily.

— You can not store slippers under the marital bed (for quarrels), and under the chest of drawers (for thieves).

In general, treat everything with a smile! Even slippers can feel, absorb your mood and return it at the right time! Let the gift become a positive generator!


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