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Women’s bathrobes for home

A dressing gown and a woman who is not working in the official structure are things absolutely, forever and inseparably connected with each other. Perhaps because in the depths of our consciousness we carefully keep the bearded Soviet nightmare about “a lady in curlers, a greasy dressing gown and worn-out slippers”, or, without falling into the mystical ancient wilds, we simply appreciate the dressing gown as the most comfortable and practical HOME clothing.


Don’t believe? Let’s check?


Homebody is a word that naturally combines two different “sit” and “at home”. This is a woman who does not have a special need to work. Moreover, there is a deep need not to conform and not to comply with the established framework by someone. An evil boss, fellow gossips, a daily routine are not for her. The husband worries about the material well-being of her family (father, manager, bank dividends — underline as necessary), about life — a specially hired person and technical progress in all its grandeur. She is the decoration of the house, an active, interesting, well-groomed, beautiful pearl of it. A homebody loves her home and herself in it. She doesn’t have to get up early and follow someone’s instructions. She has her own way of life, adjusted to her “I want”. Shopping, travel, creativity — all these are components of the life of a homebody.

She is in the kitchen, which means that she has found a new recipe in gloss and is going to get a lot of pleasure from its embodiment in tastes and smells. She’s in the laundry, which means she’s come up with a new version of the glamorous photo shoot. She is with a vacuum cleaner — which means she will try a new method of influencing her husband.


The homebody’s main trump card, which she jealously keeps up her sleeve, is unlimited freedom and self-love. She will never allow anyone to disparage her status and not respect the work that she from time to time “shoulders” on her shoulders.

Characteristic features of the homebody robe

Naturally, a homebody robe will look appropriate. Only new, fashionable, stylish, glamorous. Only according to the season and only from materials that «take care» of her delicate, well-groomed skin. It will be pleasant to the touch, rich in appearance, and perfectly fitting on her beloved body.

A homebody would certainly choose for the home:

home pearl dressing gown photo
knitted home dressing gown photo

Do you recognize yourself in this image? Congratulations! Surely you already have the whole collection of chic bathrobes, absolutely necessary for your type! Well, if not, it’s time to fix everything! Any homebody who knows by heart the prices of online home clothing stores will confirm that there is nowhere a more organic price-quality ratio, except «Minutes of comfort«. Here you can buy a bathrobe very quickly and pleasantly.

If the «homebody» is not written from you — we continue the search!


With this image, things are a little more complicated. And there are also many more reasons for “acquiring” such a status, and they are much deeper than a simple “I want” a homebody. Let’s name a few of the most popular and reasoned:

— Fatigue from «breaking into pieces.» Here folk wisdom speaks best of all: «you chase two hares, you will not catch one.» A woman who tries to do everything — home, work, children, life, beauty, etc., as a rule, is almost always in a state of deep stress from haste and dissatisfaction with the quality of the work performed. Such a frantic rhythm, most likely, leads to emotional burnout, depression, and nervous breakdowns. And then, at the family council, a decision is made that the wife and mother should (and we can afford it financially!) Only take care of the house, children and life.

— Hard work and poor health. Often the chosen profession does not correspond to physical or mental, moral capabilities. The health and psychological climate in the family suffers. So it’s time to change something. For the better. It is necessary to abandon the irritant and gain health and a fulfilling life.

— The opportunity to see how your children grow. The desire to be close to children, to see their successes and help overcome defeats, to be aware of their lives and to follow their development and maturation is another reason why women consciously choose the status of housewives.


Contrary to all feminist principles, a woman was created to create, create beauty and care for others. This is its essence, laid down at the gene level. Of course, forced reasons are often joined by a sincere desire to devote oneself to home comfort. This happens when there is an understanding and an appropriate attitude towards the domestic work of domestic workers. They know that mother and wife are WORKING and also tired.

Benefits of being a housewife

A housewife who accepts her status with joy discovers many of its positive aspects. For example, in addition to daily homework (namely, the work prescribed by her “job description”), she is in a hurry to realize herself in creativity, expand her horizons and interests, do something that her hands simply did not reach before (learn to sew, knit, dance, grow flowers and play tennis).

housewife lifestyle

And, most importantly, every day she can afford to meet her family and friends at the doorstep, give them her love, attention and time. Now it is precisely this time, there is time for lessons and games, cinema and a zoo, simple sincere conversation and meaningful silence.

Characteristic features of a housewife’s bathrobe

A housewife «by vocation» is a very harmonious woman. And everything in her house speaks about this harmony. From a photo on the wall to a bathrobe.

As a rule, the home clothes she wears are very neat and practical:

light bathrobe model photo
velor robe model photo

Plus, the length of the dressing gown of a real housewife is average. It is in this that she is comfortable both to work and to relax. By the way, another charming feature that betrays the inner essence of a housewife by vocation. She loves retro! The style of «happy housewives of the 50s» is that home clothes that make it easy to perform household duties and at the same time remain very sweet, romantic and touching. And a few more words about the color scheme. Real, sincere housewives love pastel colors. Azure, peach, coffee with milk — this is the «ceremonial-output» type of home clothes that is sure to decorate their wardrobe.

Examples of bathrobe models:

dressing gown model photo
Mid-length robe
dressing gown model photoBathrobe in the style of «retro»
dressing gown model photoThe color of the dressing gown «azure»

This all, we repeat, concerns women who have consciously chosen the path of housewives, guardians of the family rear and home, and who receive sincere joy and pleasure from this way of life. But about those housewives who were forced, far from their own will, to change their social status — below.


It so happened that she was fired from her job (I got laid off, at the family council they decided that it was not economically feasible for my mother and wife to work, etc.). A woman is forced to change her status, lifestyle and work — from an official paid one, with a normalized eight-hour day and days off, to a home, ungrateful, round-the-clock job.

As a rule, women who are attached to their work, to the energetic rhythm of life and the high coefficient of utility for society, have a hard time enduring the status of being forced to stay at home. At first, they try to make their home perfect by cleaning and scraping, washing and laying out, cooking and blowing dust off the household.

Then, most often, not seeing the ultimate goal of their endless work — «housewives out of need» give up, fall into a depressive state of deep indifference to the whole world around them, relatives and themselves.


It is this type of «hostesses» that most often becomes the reason for numerous jokes about «curlers and a greasy dressing gown.» They are bored, they suffer from a lack of communication and events in their lives, they yearn for lost opportunities and are deeply jealous of successful girlfriends. And yet — they are terribly afraid of their economic insolvency, financial dependence and family scandals. And, most of all, they are hurt by phrases like: «Give me slippers, I’m tired after work» or «Run for cigarettes, and I’ll lie down a little» and blatant ingratitude

Bathrobes that can be recognized as a «housekeeper»

A dressing gown that gives out «a housewife in need» will, as a rule, be casually thrown over, completely out of place and in a terrible color. Through such home clothes, the “housekeeper” most often tries to show the whole world and her family that she is suffering from forced domestic confinement. Her outfits will be bright, defiant, lurid, or, on the contrary, terribly touching, certainly causing a desire to regret, hug, console, dispel sadness.

Examples of bathrobe models:

dressing gown model photo
Bright, defiant dressing gown
dressing gown model photoLurid drawings on the robe

And you know what’s the best part? It is in the understanding of relatives that the key to all three doors is hidden, connecting three statuses: homebody, housewife and housekeeper. Remember, a woman wants to receive exactly the same amount of warmth and attention in return, she gives you so much. Do not refuse her this and you will find yourself for life in the comfort of a medieval patriarchal house, from which you do not want to leave in the morning, and in the evening you want to return to it as soon as possible!

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