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Find out how bathrobes make people happy!

bathrobe - a great solution for a cold autumn

Autumn lyrics

City … Surely, everyone knows its dank autumn cold! When it envelops everything around with a veil of darkness, the paths and alleys of the park, jewelry-covered with gold leaf, are somehow erased from memory, and the “delicious” orange sun hanging in the middle of the sky is forgotten! You walk around this city and think that you are sad and lonely here without him, but it is there, in heaven, sleeping in a cozy bed somewhere among fluffy clouds and forgot to think about us, earthly ones. And it will roll down, suddenly, because of this, a depressive tear accidentally ran down a completely frozen cheek, the nose will turn red again from the opposite wet wind, and a bad, dull mood will settle in the house!

Although … There is in this autumn, and in this city, one secret known only to a few. And it divides the city into two absolutely opposite parts. The uninitiated are immediately visible among the streets of the city. They are betrayed by the same red nose, tired eyes, and a train of hopelessness in the tail, which is noticeable even from a hundred miles away. And there are others dedicated. Their eyes, even in the midst of a dull autumn, glow with happiness. And yet — they always have warm hands and never get their feet wet. And even more so, an uninvited tear never obscures the look. They walk in the rain without an umbrella, jump through its cold jets and rejoice, like small children, with shiny drops on their hair. These others have one for all, a huge secret.

And he hides on the very edge of the city, in an amazing little shop. Every day, at exactly 9 am, this magical establishment, hidden from the eyes of random people, opens its doors to visitors. And this is what is strange: people always enter those doors sad — tired, and go out — rejuvenated, cheerful and happy. Come out to face life’s challenges with a smile on your lips!

happy robe buyers

Magicians of the store «Minutes of Comfort»

And the secret is quite simple. In this store, instead of the usual goods, residents of the city sell time. Yes Yes! Real seconds, MINUTES and even hours of COMFORT and happiness! True, the amount of time that you will be put into the package does not even depend on the amount that you are going to spend on all this spiritual abundance, but on your specific dream hidden deep in your soul. And this is what matters here! The store is staffed by smart sales people.

Even some sort of wizards. They do not care how old their customers are, how they lived their lives and how much money they have in their wallet now. Most importantly, they accurately know how to determine which dream the buyer needs time for. And only then — they break the check. And never before have they returned goods to the store and written complaints to the magic book!

happy robe buyers

The story of an accomplished man

This wonderful store remembers many stories with happy endings. One day a very upset man came here. He did not go well at work, and at home there were constant scandals. He was tired of all this. And then, a friend (a regular customer of this store) advised me to go to a place where happiness is sold at an absolutely incredible price. Came. Paid the specified amount. He was asked to wait a minute. And then — they brought a voluminous package! The man took it and went home. And at home, unfolding the package, I saw … a bathrobe. He didn’t expect to buy a man’s terry dressing gown like that. He was discouraged. And where is the time? However, for the sake of curiosity, I decided to carefully consider the purchase. The dressing gown was very soft, the color of coffee with milk … And then he ventured to put it on after a bath. And then the incredible happened!

For the first time in many years of exhausting work, he managed to sit in a chair, relax and rest. Pleasant fabric tickled the body, gave fabulous warmth, and its rustling — lulled. These were those precious moments of rest that later changed his whole life! The very next morning, a man — cheerful and cheerful — brought a new project to the head, which became a sensation! The man was recognized and promoted. It was his dream! And, do not believe it, he dreamed of the path of its realization, inspired by the rustling of a magical, COZY dressing gown on that very memorable evening!

happy robe buyers

One woman’s story

And another customer, still a very young woman, did not get along with her husband. They constantly quarreled, then tried to put up and even went to a psychologist with their problems. Nothing helped! She once went to the store, walking around the dank city alone with her sad thoughts. And the magic sellers brought her absolutely amazing dressing gown and shirt in a package with minutes of happiness. The fitting of the purchase inspired her so much that she fluttered around the house and sang loudly, preparing dinner with amazing aroma.

I didn’t even notice how my husband returned home … He was delighted with her smile! And from this amazing summer women’s dressing gown! Oh, of course, this amazing story, which magically began in a mysterious store, ended in a family idyll! They no longer quarreled over trifles! Just when he suddenly started to wind up, she was in a hurry to put on a magical thing! And they — there was time for joint happiness!

Fathers and Sons

And another family had problems with their teenage son. They simply (all together and at the same time!) Forgot how to hear each other. Everyone closed himself in his little world — a soap bubble, and suffered from misunderstanding!

happy robe buyers

And then one day, wandering like this in mental confusion around the autumn city, the mother of this boy (also by accident!) Wandered into that magic store and also for an incredibly small amount (which cannot be measured by peace of mind!) bought a few minutes of happiness for her family, thinking in my heart my most cherished desire! And at home — she saw a real boxing robe in the bundle! And then she remembered that her son had once told her that he wanted to be like his favorite athlete. It took Mom one minute to match the magic shopping tip with the memory to create a problem solving puzzle! In the evening, at dinner, she solemnly presented her son with a gift, and also a subscription to classes at the best school, and then …

The son first looked at his parents with shining eyes, smiled! And from this smile soap bubbles-cocoons burst, this family talked the whole evening! And the next morning, the son went to school, kissed his mother goodbye, was praised by teachers for his knowledge and discipline, and finally realized his dream!

A store where the goods are nothing but moments of your comfort, coziness, relaxation, love, care and understanding for each other is truly magical! And he is really happy to open his doors to you every day from 9 to 18! And, what’s more, people really work there who can read your thoughts and predict your dreams! And also — they know how to listen and thank you for the happiness you received with sincere, sincere smiles! And let the first autumn frosts and winds slyly grin outside the store door, and inside miracles continue to happen, which every new day add one more person, or several at once, to the world of happy people! This online store of bathrobes is called — «Minutes of comfort»!

Come to the 60m store, and tomorrow you will also become a part of our fairy tale!


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