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Towel for the New Year

There are many signs and customs associated with towels. We have already considered the issue of presenting a towel as a gift. But today, on the eve of the New Year, I want to talk only about the upcoming holiday and all the troubles associated with it. Let’s try to consider how towels can help us on the eve of this glorious holiday. 2 pre-New Year stories from 2 of our most active clients come to our aid. We hope they will give you a festive mood and inspire you to create pleasant moments for your loved ones.

new year towelP

Svetlana, 32 years old.

For me, the New Year is a magical holiday. This is a feast of fairy tales, mandarin and champagne. This is the fuss around, which can not leave anyone indifferent. Some people don’t really like New Year’s Eve chores, but I just adore them. Of course, you can find a lot of unpleasant moments: queues in stores, financial costs, a lot of trouble and obligations. But you can find something special in it. When else do all people immediately begin to prepare so actively for something? When else we all are united by something unified, very obviously sensual — festive fuss? You just need to approach all the chores «with a soul» and then you get a lot of pleasant emotions. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

give a towel for the new year

This year, part of my worries about New Year’s gifts helped me solve the 60m store. In particular, one of the most important tasks is a gift to my mother-in-law and father-in-law. It would seem a task like all the others. But it’s not. My mother-in-law and father-in-law are very intelligent people. As they say themselves — aristocratic roots. And it makes itself felt. It is no longer possible to give them a banal gift. Therefore, every holiday I have to think carefully and choose a gift. For this New Year, I decided to buy them a set of patriotic-style towels.

patriotic towel set

Patriotic Facial Towel Set
Patriotic bath towel set

The thing is that the gift must be «not useless», like most souvenirs. At the same time, it must be “with meaning”, so as not to be banal. To give just towels is trite. But to give a set in patriotic colors, tied with a beautiful yellow-blue ribbon, is both meaningful and not banal (I also considered choosing a set of towels in their favorite colors, putting it all in a gift box with meaning). I hope you like it, personally I was delighted with these sets. Especially nowadays…

Anya, 26 years old.

I have a particularly stressful period before the New Year. December 29 is my goddaughter’s birthday. And all this is superimposed on the New Year holiday itself and it turns out just a boom of hassle and financial costs. This year, my goddaughter is already 1 year old, and when deciding what to give her, I remembered the christening and kryzhma that I bought for her. I decided that giving her a baby towel for the New Year is both an affordable and useful gift that will definitely come in handy. And again I turned to the Minutes of Comfort store. Having carefully studied the assortment, I decided to buy a children’s bathing area. I think everyone will like it. And when I grow up a little, I’ll come for a dressing gown.

children's bathing area for the new year

Children’s bathing corners

But the most interesting thing is that I liked the idea of ​​giving a towel so much that I got carried away. I decided to buy a baby poncho for my nephew:

children's poncho for the new year

Children’s poncho

For my best friend, I chose a sauna set (we like to visit a sauna in winter)

women's sauna sets for the new year

Women’s sauna sets

As a result, I got so carried away that I decided, as they say, “walk, walk like that” and bought myself a set of kitchen towels

new year kitchen towels

Towel sets

As a result, I became almost a wholesale buyer and immediately decided a lot of trouble with gifts in one place. Thanks to the store, I will come for bathrobes now for everyone.

PS Mishutka Toptyzhkin (the soul of the Minute of Comfort company): Happy New Year everyone! Come to us for gifts, we will be happy to help you.


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