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The towel is simply born in order to provide you with comfort outside the home. Say, on a business trip or even on a camping trip. Or in the sauna. Or on the beach. Although … A change of scenery instantly removes a touch of everyday life from the towel and betrays it with a new character. And they appear:


1. Comfortable massage towel roll

roll of towel

Again, we simulate the situation. Summer. Sea. Beach. You… And an incredible desire to relax. “Let go” of the muscles tired from a year of exhausting sedentary work, straighten the spine (and it is the core of our life) and trust your beloved (beloved), who, moreover, offers a soft relaxation massage. Well, who would refuse such a thing? That’s it in such a situation, more than ever, a towel taken with you will come in handy. It can easily replace a massage roller and become your star on the way to a full and such a pleasant stay!

Examples of towels as a roller

2. «Busy!» on the beach

beach towel

Is it true that everyone is familiar with this situation? Especially those who once had a rest in the Crimea … When you need to get up at dawn, run to the beach and take a sunbed, so that later you can comfortably enjoy the sea and the sun all day long, without fear that your feet or even your head will be accidentally trampled? Although, unfortunately, it is not a fact that when you go swimming, the right to your “stowage” place, a piece of personal space next to the sea, will not be transferred to someone else …. Even foreign resorts (Egypt or Turkey, for example) with low «star» and high tourist demand during the season, also suffer from similar «misunderstandings». There is only one way to avoid them — leaving your favorite, large, bath towel on the sunbed with the menacing call «BUSY!».

Examples of beach towels

3. Pillow (blanket) in the tent

towel as a pillow

But if, for example, you prefer an active and unpredictable trip to an organized and thoughtful vacation? For example, where the eyes look? To the forest, to the river, to the mountains, to the desert? There, where civilization is little felt, and indeed the presence of man as such? Where there is silence, the mobile does not work, and they have never seen a TV … True, you need to go to such places for a long time. And also — to carry everything that can come in handy at one time or another. As experienced walkers say, almost no one ever takes a pillow with them on a hike. The extra volume, and the weight of the backpack easily spoils the overall impression of deep contact with Mother Nature. And sleeping on hard ground is not very comfortable. Usually, tourists are gloriously rescued by towels taken with them on a hike. After all, here they perform, in addition to their immediate function (to absorb moisture after bathing), also an additional one — they serve as a pillow during rest.

Examples of large towels

By the way, large bath towels or sauna towels can also be used as blankets.

4. Reliable mosquito repellent

mosquito towel

And a few more words about the benefits of towels on the road. On a hike, in the country, even in the village with your beloved grandmother, a towel will serve you well, becoming your shield from harmful and annoying insects. They can both hide and drive away an obsessive and uninvited guest-bloodsucker. A small face towel will suffice for this purpose.

Examples of terry towels

For the fight against mosquitoes, camouflage, green towels are best suited.

5. Raincoat on a cool night

towel raincoat

On a cool summer evening, or for long night gatherings by the fire, it is so nice to cover yourself with a warm terry towel. This is especially important for babies (after all, they have not yet fully formed the mechanism of thermoregulation, and they painfully endure temperature changes) and — for pets, because it is also very important for them to feel your care!

Poncho Towel Examples

6. Turban for a traveler

towel turban

By the way, returning to the topic of hiking or the beach. If you suddenly forgot to take a hat or scarf with you on the road, a towel turban will perfectly protect you from the sun. And if you wet your hair with a towel before hiding it under a homemade headdress, you get an excellent refreshing remedy. Well, others will surely appreciate your originality and rush to follow your example!

Examples of towel sets

7. Pet toy

towel toy

And one more situation when an ordinary kitchen towel can help out. If you have a favorite little terrier or other dog at home, sign up soon! After all, cases are not uncommon when a reckless predator in a fit of chasing prey spoiled furniture, curtains, tears pillows … Then he has to be punished. And this is unpleasant not only for the pupil, but also for you, the owner. To avoid damage to the home environment, make a towel doll for the dog, simply weave a couple with a bundle or a pigtail. Get in return the silence and a clean, comfortable apartment!

Examples of kitchen towels

8. «Gas mask» in an emergency

gas mask towel

And finally — a short course in fire safety. If suddenly, God forbid, there was a fire in your house, the same towel soaked in water will help protect the respiratory tract (yours and your family) from smoke and hot air.

Small facial towels

TOPA: Personally, I wish you that your cheeks burn only with love, and at home — full of fire from gift wrapping, smiles and dances. Hurry up to amaze and be surprised, be original and, most importantly, visit Minutes of Comfort more often for advice and purchases!


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