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Types of slippers. Interesting about slippers for home

Topa: According to the ingenious plan of the great Frenchman Charles Perrault, his Cinderella hurried to her first and such a welcome ball in soft slippers lined with sable fur. She almost hovered above the ground, it was easy and comfortable for her, and for this the Prince of unearthly beauty (and mind, for sure) fell in love with her. Later, many years later, they began to prove that her shoes were made of crystal, and not of silk and fur. We, in «Minutes of Comfort», are 100% sure that only in comfortable indoor shoes you can feel really comfortable, be in harmony with yourself and undoubtedly arouse the admiration of others! True, for this you really need to try and choose «pant shoes» worthy of the Queen! Well … or the King, and the Little Prince.

cinderella shoes

1. How did earthlings live before there were slippers?

Yes, we lived sadly! Without respect for your own home, its special atmosphere and aura, which must not be spoiled by dirty street shoes! True, people realized this much later, only when their lives were threatened. Although, residents of the East turned out to be more progressive in terms of hygiene and aesthetics of the house. In Japan, for example, several centuries ago it was customary to take off dusty road boots at the doorstep and put on soft and very beautiful slippers. In Japanese philosophy, this ritual means spiritual liberation from external problems and immersion headlong into the homely atmosphere. And, of course, a sign of respect for the owners of the house (if you are a guest here).

house shoes in Asia

In Europe, changing shoes at the entrance to the house (starting from the 15th century) was a matter of life and death. Waste, which was customary to pour directly into the street, became a source of deadly infections.

The 21st century has also succeeded in the issue of disease. Although, thanks to this, a whole large-scale “shoes-off” program was launched in progressive America, the main purpose of which was to teach people to leave street shoes outside the threshold at the entrance to the house and put on slippers. Today it is difficult to imagine a house (primarily in our country) where there are no cozy, soft, cute slippers. All day they stand at the doorstep and wait for the owner. In order to give relaxation to feet tired of street shoes in the evenings, and in the mornings to envelop them with gentle warmth.

2. The issue of health and hygiene

So, 21st century. Time of technical progress, chemicals, dust and consumer attitude to nature, people and technology. Against the background of all this, the issue of interchangeable shoes is again elevated to a number of extra important ones. Here are just a few compelling examples:

• In California, they once set up an experiment, examining house dust in the house of a farmer who was not in the habit of taking off his street shoes. More than 22 different pesticides were found in the dust. And this, as you know, is harmful to the health of adults, and for small children (including those in the womb) it is deadly!

• Another study found particles of road surfaces, lead (leads to dementia, nervous diseases), and mercury in houses where people are too lazy to take off their shoes. These substances accumulated between the piles of carpets for years and slowly killed their owners. And imagine kids who are very fond of playing on the floor … Violation of the immune system, developmental delay, asthma — and these are just flowers!

• Sensitive to street deposits and pets.

Now you know how important simple home slippers are in people’s lives! True, in order for your home to become a real source of comfort with them, you need to learn how to choose them correctly — according to the purpose, age, type, habits, and even the structure of the foot!

3. What are house slippers?

Home shoes according to the law of style and fashion are a unisex item. Although, nevertheless, it is more pleasant to divide slippers into men’s, women’s and children’s. Yes, and the difference in color, decor and size gives it every right. Due to the different design, several types of indoor shoes can be distinguished:

Flip flops. The largest group of house slippers. Over the years, models have been improved, decor has changed, but the design principle remains the same. The main advantage of slippers is that they are very easy to put on and take off. Initially, the definition of «slipper» meant any type of shoe that easily slides on the foot and does not involve laces or other fasteners. Slippers consist of a dense sole (rubber, polyurethane) and a fabric part that covers the upper part of the foot. Slippers are divided into open and closed models.

house slippers flip flops

Where can I find house slippers?

— women’s slippers

— men’s slippers

— children’s slippers

Closed flip flops. Variety of slippers, only with a back. As a rule, they are made of a denser material than open models (from felt, wool). Designed for people with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, or just the elderly.

indoor slippers

Where can I find felt slippers?

— women’s felt slippers

— children’s felt slippers

Indoor boots. These slippers really have the “appearance” of boots, but are made of simpler, breathable and light materials: knitted fabric, wool, velor threads. There are summer and winter models. For summer — airy, «perforated» knitting is characteristic, while winter ones are made on fur. Most models have a flexible rubber sole.

house slippers

Where can I find slippers?

— women’s slippers

— children’s slippers

Slippers 3D. Slippers in the form of different animals, soft toys, felt cars and fairy tale characters became popular back in the 90s. The producers of such a “novelty” initially expected that the main consumer of their product would be children (or, more precisely, caring parents who cannot pass by such a cute thing). But soon indoor shoes — voluminous and at the same time comfortable — won the hearts of the adults themselves. Now these slippers are the perfect gift with a practical purpose.

homemade slippers

Sandals. Lightweight open-toe shoes made of rubber, leather or fabric, designed for comfort on vacation in the summer season. Most often used by men.

home sandals

flip flops. Slippers «flip flops» are not designed to warm the foot in the cold season. But their main advantage is that the foot slips easily into them. They can be useful on the beach, in the house or in the yard in summer, or in hot climates. Flip flops are most often made of foam or rubber. Some brands sell special massage insoles that match the shape of the foot and are covered with small rubber pimples in a set (as a pleasant surprise) for their slippers.

homemade flip flops

Slippers-ugg boots. The well-known brand «UGG» specializes not only in warm winter shoes, but also in comfortable slippers. This shoe reached its peak of popularity after 2000. Unlike winter models, indoor ugg boots are lighter, brighter, but invariably insulated from the inside with sheepskin. They can be both in the form of shortened boots and slippers without backs (sabo).

home slippers Uggs

Moccasins. Slippers, based on the leather moccasins of the Indian tribes. The Indians made them from deer skin. For slippers, soft synthetic material (top) and a hard sole are used. They gained their well-deserved popularity due to the fact that they provide a high level of comfort to the feet (especially in the cold season). Abroad, these slippers are used for long walking and driving.

home moccasins

Slippers-socks (or booties). By the design of the booties, these are the same socks, only several times thicker than regular knitwear, with a sole (thin leather, suede or tighter knitting using silicone thread).

home slippers booties

Where to see indoor booties?

— women’s indoor booties

4. Useful tips for caring for slippers

Now you know almost everything about the types of home shoes. It’s time to draw conclusions and remember a few more useful rules.

• There should be a certain place in the house where the whole family can leave their outdoor shoes and put on indoor shoes that are more hygienic, comfortable, and, no doubt, loved. Teach your children to strictly follow these rules, and your house will stay clean longer.

• Slippers for guests and room shoes for family members should be stored in separate places.

• It is a good idea to place a hard rug or mat at the door to keep as much dirt and hazardous materials out of the door as possible.

• The place where outdoor shoes are kept should be cleaned at least 2 times a week. It is advisable to do wet cleaning using a soap and soda solution.

• Wash and clean indoor slippers as often as changing bed linen. This applies primarily to bath slippers and children’s room shoes.

Topa: To decide what exactly YOUR slippers should be is almost the main task in the selection process. Indeed, with this household item you will have to share the sweet moments of awakening, give them a piece of warmth and moments of predawn dreams. Drink morning coffee and evening tea with him, giving your tired legs into his cozy arms. Water the flowers and watch TV, cook dinner and rush to an impromptu home date. Slippers — will be part of your happy memories and the first witness to your sadness. So you should choose them as responsibly as a life partner! However, we will talk about the technical criteria for this choice in the next article!


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