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How to choose home slippers


On the eve of the winter holidays, when a lot of time is traditionally spent at home, there is a desire to complement the wardrobe with cozy slippers. Choosing shoes for home is sometimes even more difficult than for the office or walking, as owners expect maximum comfort from slippers.

To make the right choice, you need to decide on the purpose of the purchase, choose the main materials of the model and the design of the slippers.

If your goal is to make an atmospheric and practical gift for the New Year, then we recommend paying attention to gold or silver slippers, they can even become part of the New Year’s image of the new owner. Models made of fluffy natural fur in bright colors will also be happily accepted as a gift.

If the purchase of slippers is planned for personal use, then two goals can be distinguished: the first is the purchase of shoes for everyday wear and for doing household chores, the second is for relaxing and receiving guests. Slippers for everyday wear are best chosen from materials that can be washed or wiped with a damp cloth, the sole should be non-slip, and the design of the model should be with a slight difference in height. Slippers for relaxing and meeting loved ones can be distinguished by bright decor or have a complex texture of top materials. For women’s models, a low heel or platform is allowed.

A separate goal may be to buy «spare» slippers for your guests or travel, i.e. for occasional use. In this case, the selection criterion may be the compactness of the model and the low price.

When choosing slippers, close attention should be paid to the materials of the lining and upper of the shoe. It is worth giving preference to natural materials, as at home the legs should «breathe» after a hard dynamic day. For the cold season, models made of natural fur or wool are perfect. For men’s slippers, leather or suede is the best solution.

Also, the legs will be warm if the sole of the slippers is thickened or an additional insole is used in the model. A rubber or foam outsole is a popular manufacturing solution. Slippers with such soles wash well, are durable, resistant to damage from chemicals used in everyday life.

The next criterion for choosing slippers is their design. It is important as it can have an impact on the health of your feet. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to wear the so-called flip flops. Shoes of this design have to be kept on the foot, straining the muscles of the foot, which is not recommended for older people. An excellent alternative can be a model with a back or moccasin slippers. Such models are especially good for owners of country houses and spacious apartments.

In conclusion, we want to say that the house is the most important place for a person, so home shoes should be even more beautiful and comfortable than office or street shoes.


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