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How to choose the right shoes for your child


132.png It’s already mid-August, and many parents are puzzled about getting their kids ready for school. One of the priorities is the purchase of new children’s shoes.

Children’s feet grow very quickly. Its formation occurs throughout the entire growth process. The health of a child directly depends on the condition and development of his legs and feet. Parents should take the choice of shoes seriously in order to avoid health problems in the future.

New shoes have to be bought almost every season, due to the fact that the foot grows quickly. Visiting the store and trying on shoes often become a real torture for the child and his parents. But now it has become much easier for parents, they have the opportunity to order shoes in an online store, the main thing is to know the required size and decide on the parameters. In our store you can pick up comfortable and high-quality shoes, so quickly go to the site and enjoy comfortable shopping.

It is not a problem to understand if the shoes are the right size and if there is still a supply in the summer season, since mostly children wear open shoes. But when it gets cooler, the complexity of the choice increases, and relying only on the words of the child is risky. There are a number of specific rules that will help you choose the right shoes.

Babies buy their first shoes when they start taking their first steps. Most often this is between 10 and 12 months of age. Up to this point, children can also wear shoes, but they are usually with soft soles and serve to protect from the cold, or are decorative.


The first and most important rule is convenience. Shoes should be the right size, not rubbing or squeezing the leg. The most optimal thing is to buy shoes with a margin of 1 cm. Too large or small shoes will cause the same damage to an unformed leg.

In order to understand whether you have chosen the right summer sandals, see if the arch support is under the arch of the foot. In cases where the arch support does not coincide with the arch of the leg, and it moves freely inside the boot, then the shoes are great. And if the instep is the same, but the fingers are close to the toe, or tucked in, the shoes are small. It is easier with older children, they can say whether they are comfortable in one or another shoe, whether it is tight anywhere. With babies, the situation is different, and parents have to measure the foot before buying closed shoes. Here, parents often make mistakes, so let’s see how to measure a child’s leg correctly.

First option, pull the insole out of the shoe, and invite the baby to stand on it. It is important to put the foot in the correct position so that the heel matches, and then look at how far there is from the big toe to the end of the insole, and whether the fingers crawl out of it.

Secondand the most familiar option for us, ask the child to stand up and feel for where his thumb is relative to the toe of the boot.

Third option — ask the child to stand on a piece of paper and circle his feet. The pencil at this moment should be in a vertical position so as not to move anywhere. After you have outlined your feet, measure them with a ruler from the tip of your thumb to the heel.


It is very important to remember that the child cannot measure the foot on weight, it must be tightly pressed, since it accounts for the entire body weight, and the difference in foot length can vary up to 0.6 cm.

To choose the right size, first study the manufacturer’s size chart, after which you can choose the appropriate option.

When buying shoes for children, give preference only to quality products and trusted manufacturers. Our store contains the best brands that treat the quality of shoes with special care, thinking through every detail. Here you can buy not only beautiful, but also safe shoes.


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