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How unusual to tie shoelaces?


From unusual to creative ways of lacing

Have you tried experimenting with lacing your sneakers? We are sure that few people will give a positive answer. There is a classic lacing option that is applied to most of the shoes we buy. And if we move a little away from the standards, then many options will open before our eyes.

Initially, the laces are designed to keep the foot in the shoe. But there were creative people who decided to use this detail as a way of self-expression.

We have selected 6 ways of original shoe lacing that you can apply to your sneakers. To make it easier for you to try to repeat, diagrams are specially attached to some types, where you can very clearly see the stages of lacing

  1. Traditional «Cross Lacing Method»

  2. Standard lacing method, which is presented on shoes in stores. The laces are inserted into the bottom holes, passed from the inside out and alternated until the holes run out.


  3. Straight lacing or ladder lacing
  4. One of the most popular lacing methods in Europe. It is not always possible to tie correctly the first time, but such a zigzag method looks very reliable.


  5. Lacing «World Wide Web»

  6. Unusual decorative lacing, goes well with boots and boots. This type of lacing is very difficult. It is necessary to strictly follow the scheme so as not to miss anything.


  7. «Simple straight» lacing
  8. Often such lacing is used on boots. This is a very beautiful and simple way, the creation of which will take just a couple of minutes. Start lacing from the inside, and then follow the pattern.


  9. Lace «Butterfly»

  10. Women are very fond of this method, because with it the foot in shoes feels very light and free. We thread the laces into the lower holes from the inside-in, then in parallel we pass the top from the inside-in with one stitch and cross. Then we proceed according to the same scheme.


  11. Loop back lacing

  12. Lacing will look great if pairs of laces are in different colors.

    With this variation, the lace not only passes through the holes, but also knits with itself in the center. You can try this lacing if you purchase Dithertboots from the new Clarks Originals collection, which come with additional laces.


We have presented only a small part of the possible lacing options. There are a huge number of them, from the simplest to the most complex and painstaking. In our stores you can purchase different models of shoes and start experimenting. The main thing is not to be afraid!


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