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Ideas for New Year’s gifts


There is very little time left before the New Year, so the question becomes more and more urgent: how to pamper friends and relatives? Of course, now I want to give something original and special that will be remembered for a long time and will be really useful.

We offer you a selection of interesting New Year’s gifts that will not leave anyone indifferent. Our store follows fashion trends, so the assortment includes only those products that correspond to modern trends and can surprise even the most demanding customers.

Gifts for the whole family

With the onset of cold weather, you want to feel warm and cozy. And stylish socks decorated in the New Year theme will help with this. For those who prefer bright colors and unusual colors, the Holiday Tree Gift Box is the perfect sock gift set. It focuses on the contrasting combination of green, pink, blue and yellow hues.

Another interesting option is the 3-Pack Celebration Socks Gift Set, which comes in a more subdued color scheme.

By purchasing socks decorated in the New Year theme, you also get rid of the need to take care of their design. Gift sets are already packed in original boxes that create a festive mood.

Gifts for children and young parents

Do you know how to surprise young parents? EMU Australia children’s winter boots are made from natural sheepskin, which perfectly warms the legs even in severe frosts. And most importantly, they are decorated with applications in the form of charming muzzles of animals, which will surely arouse admiration among children.

If the child is still very small, then EMU Australia booties will be an excellent gift for the New Year. They know how to keep warm in any weather, and the soft fur inside will give the baby an incredible feeling of comfort.

Christmas gifts for women


For those who love warmth and comfort, in the assortment of our store there are many products that will make your dream come true. With EMU Australia Otways Mittens gloves and mittens, no frost will be terrible, because natural sheepskin perfectly copes with the task of keeping warm.

The EMU Australia Angahook Earmuffs are more than just a way to keep your ears warm in winter. This is a stylish accessory that will help to complete an individual look, emphasizing its femininity and natural charm.

If you give EMU Australia home slippers for the New Year, then your gift will definitely enter the top best gifts for women. They are made entirely of natural fur, and the upper is made of natural suede with a spectacular finish.

Christmas gifts for men

For men, it is very important that the gift they receive is not only stylish, but also practical. Therefore, the Braun Buffel purse, for the production of which high quality genuine leather is used, will be an excellent solution. Its peculiarity lies in the presence of several compartments for cards, so the purse does an excellent job with the function of a card holder.

If you want to give a practical gift, then the Pepe Jeans Bags reporter bag will help to realize your idea. This compact and multifunctional model is perfect for everyday wear. Thanks to the laconic design, the model will be combined even with a business wardrobe, which makes it a truly versatile solution.

Where is the best place to buy Christmas gifts?

We care about your comfort and convenience, so we offer two shopping options. The first way is to place an order on our website with delivery, which will significantly save your time. The second way is to visit the Soho stores, where everything is done in order to create a festive mood.

Choose the option that is convenient for you. And we, for our part, will help you choose the perfect gifts for the New Year!


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