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It’s in the details: bright socks


It's in the details: bright socks

Many underestimate such an important part of the image as socks. They will decorate your image, make a bright accent in it, or vice versa — they will simplify, make it inharmonious.

Socks are an accessory that uplifts the mood while being practical and only slightly noticeable.

What socks do you need in your wardrobe?

— Footprints that are not visible under the shoes at all. It is better to buy cotton ones with a silicone insert so that they do not slip.
⠀- Short socks often reach the ankle or are visible from sneakers or boots for a couple of centimeters.

— Standard length socks. They can be classic or bright colors, as well as printed. Socks should be correctly matched in color to the suit.

— Fantasy socks in unusual colors. Just for those situations when you want to make the image brighter, or when it is impossible to wear completely inconspicuous socks, but you need to. We boldly put on such socks under sandals and sandals, if the image requires it. Fantasy socks are always available from the Happy Socks brand.


How and with what we combine bright socks?

  • If the main focus of your image is socks, the rest of the wardrobe palette should be very restrained and calm shades. You can wear bright socks with unusual patterns. But they must be combined with some detail of your image or with shoes. Socks can be matched to the color of other accessories, glasses, bags or even shoe laces.


  • The combination of a formal suit with conspicuous socks has become a fashionable technique. If your company does not have such a serious dress code, then you can safely diversify your image. Best of all, fashionable socks will look with gray, black, blue, brown suits and dark-colored boots.


But do not overdo it with the number of bright colors.

Happy Socks will perfectly fit into the most extravagant outfit and will look great even with sandals.


The Happy Socks brand is known all over the world not only for its original bright prints, but also for sensational collaborations with famous brands and celebrities.

Thanks to the joint work of the Happy Socks team and the client, unique collections appear that maximally reflect the essence of the brand through catchy patterns, original packaging and interesting design.


Happy Socks offers a wide variety of socks in all sorts of colors and prints. You can find the right pair for any occasion and make your look special. Passers-by will definitely not be able to miss your courage and individuality.


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