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How to wash a bathrobe or 5 secrets for caring for warm home clothes

“I, the lawyer of your bathrobe! I’m subpoenaing you! I have five arguments in defense of my client! I can prove that you are the only one to blame for HE messing up.” I woke up… I looked around. Sunbeams danced around the room. It was already deep morning. My favorite, smooth, velor on top, and soft, terry «in the shower», bathrobe slept peacefully on the back of a chair. Devotedly waiting for his mistress. I got up. But really, what did the “lawyer of my dressing gown” mean from the dream? What can ruin my favorite home clothes? And how to properly care for her, so as not to get into the «court»? I closed my eyes and fantasized about what the «lawyer» did not have time to tell me …

my dream of a bathrobe

«Attention! Judgment is coming!» And it started … I, as the accusing party, spoke first. True, it soon turned from an accusation to an excuse, they say, what could I do if I accidentally put complex stains, and I thought about getting rid of them by adding temperature and increasing the number of rinses. I did not think that the fabric of my dressing gown was so delicate that it would not withstand all these procedures. The court listened to me carefully, and finally gave the floor to the lawyer of the dressing gown. And he started…

«Your Honor! The hostess of my client made as many as 5 unacceptable mistakes, which caused a deep mutilation of the dressing gown. I’ll tell you about each in detail.

1. Didn’t look at the label before washing

bathrobe label

Any care should begin with a study of the information provided to you by the manufacturer. Scrupulous observance of the rules will allow not only to extend the life of the purchase, but also to preserve the color, shape and softness of the dressing gown.

2. Exceeded the maximum wash temperature

bathrobe washing temperature

Velor and terry bathrobes are considered sufficiently resistant to washing. For example, their knitted or silk «brothers» can only be washed by hand and in cool water. Warm bathrobes easily tolerate automatic washing. True, the maximum temperature should not exceed 60 degrees.

3. Washed with other things

bathrobe washing

The robe is a very delicate thing! In addition, it is quite spacious. And she also “picks up” absolutely all the villi, fluff, etc. Cleaning the bathrobe after such a wash will be a problem. Moreover, something in the general wash will probably “want” to shed. An additional color is unlikely to have a positive effect on your home clothes. In addition, zippers and buttons of other things can damage the villi and pull out the loops of the terry.

4. Set the maximum degree of spin

wringing bathrobe

Velor and terry dressing gowns deteriorate from the friction of the fabric against the drum at high speed. Because the maximum spin speed is 400-600 rpm. If it is possible to dry the dressing gown in the open air after washing, it is better to do without it at all. Just hang the bathrobe by the shoulders and let the water drain. Spinning in the washing machine has a bad effect not only on the fabric of the dressing gown, it spoils the zipper (if the dressing gown has such a fastener), stretches the edges.

5. Stroked with a hot iron

how to iron a bathrobe

Terry robes do not need ironing at all, while velor robes can be ironed with an iron heated to medium temperature and only through a damp cloth.

“The court has made a decision! After listening to the defense and prosecution…”. I was no longer interested in fantasizing. And so everything is clear. I myself am to blame for the fact that the dressing gown lost its appearance and became a miserable rag. My carelessness and neglect of the manufacturer’s instructions. Good thing it was just a dream! Although, then I more carefully, already in reality, decided to deal with the issue of proper care for warm bathrobes, so that such nightmares would never again appear in the night. Yes, and stains from varnish and coffee really adorned my gorgeous pink outfit.

my homemade terry pink bathrobe

So, how to properly care for warm bathrobes?

Before the first use, the bathrobe must be washed!

Law 60. We have already mentioned that the maximum washing temperature for warm bathrobes is 60 degrees. Moreover, home clothes made of natural cotton and bamboo hardly tolerate this maximum. For her, it is better to choose a temperature regime of 40 degrees Celsius. Gentle washing will prolong its life. If the product contains a certain percentage of elastane, polyester and other synthetic fibers, it can be washed at a higher temperature (not forgetting the upper limit of 60).

Rinse, spin, dry. Thick terry bathrobes cannot be washed in the water saving mode (after all, remember, this fabric perfectly absorbs huge amounts of moisture). Also forget about high spin and rinse speeds. Maximum for a warm home bathrobe 400-600. Due to the thin structure of the fabric and delicate convex details, terry bathrobes cannot be rubbed, pinched, or twisted beforehand. It is necessary to dry warm bathrobes in the fresh air, away from direct sunlight, hanging them by the shoulders, inside out.

Detergents. Separately, it is worth mentioning the detergent. Even if your dressing gown is completely white, but has a colored edging, an openwork insert, or a collar in a different tone, use a product for colored fabrics. It takes care of your bathrobe more gently. Be sure to use conditioner (to keep the product soft). Important! For terry fabrics, silicone conditioner works best (it will not only give you a pleasant touch, but also increase the absorbency of the bathrobe several times). And one more tip about using conditioner, detergent (as well as fabric fragrance). Pour it exactly as much as indicated by the manufacturer in the instructions. Exceeding the allowable dosage entails unpleasant consequences: an allergy will most likely befall your skin, and things will soon become sticky and have an unpleasant odor.

There is also folk wisdom regarding the care of warm home clothes. In order for the dressing gown to retain its basic qualities for as long as possible, put it in salted water after washing and leave it for 15-30 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with cool water several times. This simple method will help fluff up the fibers of the terry and return it to its original properties.
By the way, a pleasant smell of cotton bathrobes for a long time can also be provided with the help of an elementary folk remedy. The same tool will help remove soap and powder residue from the fabric. After washing, rinse the dressing gown in warm water, adding a glass of vinegar to it, then repeat the procedure in another container, adding half a glass of baking soda to the water instead of vinegar. To soften terry cloth, you can use a solution of warm water and lemon juice (or citric acid).

use lemon

Ironing. Terry bathrobes cannot be ironed. The iron will take the loops and significantly spoil the appearance of your home friend. In addition, ironing contributes to the thinning and rubbing of the fabric. Velor bathrobes can be ironed (the temperature of the iron should not exceed 150 degrees Celsius), however, only through a damp cloth or using steam.

Storage. The bathroom is not the best place to store warm bathrobes. Humid environment and heat at times accelerate the development of microorganisms unfriendly to your body, plus — the thing has an unpleasant smell. Therefore, it is best to dry and store warm bathrobes in a well-ventilated area, but away from open sources of heat.

Now a few words about stains. After all, it was they who became the reason for the violation of the manufacturer’s rules in our “court”.

How to remove different types of stains from a warm bathrobe?

removing stains from clothes

Cosmetics (lipstick, liquid eye shadow). Sprinkle a fresh stain with baby powder or cornstarch to help the powder soak up the grease. Wait 15-20 minutes. Then — shake off and wash in warm water with your usual detergent.

Nail polish. Cover the front of the robe with a paper towel. On the wrong side, pour some nail polish remover on the stain. Rub it. Then — wash it.

ink and grass. Easily removed with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.

blood and wine. Never wash with water! From this, the spot will become large and yellow. Blot the stain with a dry sponge, then sprinkle with dry baking soda and launder using a small amount of ammonia. A solution of hydrogen peroxide and water (1:9) also works well.

Sweat. Yellow sweat stains can be easily removed by briefly soaking the stained area in a solution of 1 tablespoon of vinegar and half a glass of water. To remove the smell of fresh sweat from a warm bathrobe, a mixture of baby shampoo and alcohol will help. After soaking — wash the bathrobe.

Cherish, love, take care of those things that take care of you! And then your mutual feeling will remain between you for many years! And you will never have such terrible dreams!

my favorite coat


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