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Main color 2022


Every year in December, the Pantone Color Institute (Panton) determines the main color of the coming year. In 2022, the main color will be Very Peri (Veri Peri) — a shade of blue with the addition of a red-violet undertone.

Shade 17-3938 Very Peri (Very Peri) can be called unique, as it was first created independently, and not chosen from the existing palette. The institute itself describes the color as «a dynamic blue with a vibrant purple-red hue that combines the fidelity and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red.» This color is a symbol of the spirit of the times and the transition period.

Let’s talk a little about what the Pantone Institute (Pantone) is.

The Pantone Color Institute (Pantone) studies the impact of color on various areas of our lives. The research center analyzes how shades affect fashion, interior design, advertising, film, printing and other industries. The Pantone Color Institute not only observes the present, but also predicts the color trends of the future.

The organization has been defining the color of the year since 2000. From the palette, experts choose the color that will be at the peak of popularity in all areas in the coming year.

What is the color of the year? On various areas of our lives, including fashion and product development in completely different industries.

Stores are rethinking window dressing, interior and clothing designers are adding trendy color to their designs.

There are several ways to apply the new color of the year in your wardrobe:

  • as an accent;
  • for total bows;
  • in combination with other colors.

The shade of lavender fits equally well into the everyday wardrobe and into the evening capsule. If you prefer a sporty style, look for sneakers in a trendy color, they will diversify even the most restrained outfits.

If you are planning to go somewhere where it is always warm and you can walk around in shorts or only in a bathing suit all day long, pay attention to sandals and sandals.

Moms and dads, if you want your kids to keep up with fashion, look out for a variety of children’s shoes in the bright color of the coming year.

Accentuate fashionable color with accessories: a handbag, belt or scarf will help dilute the look in any style. Pay attention to bright socks Happy Socks.

Feel free to experiment with the new trendy color of the coming year. In the SOHO chain of stores and in the online store sohoshop.ru you will find trendy models in shades of color 2022 — Very Peri (Veri Peri).

Be sure you will not go unnoticed!


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