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New brands in the Soho range


According to research companies, the vast majority of consumers love it when stores offer new brands. The Soho chain of stores also strives for diversity on the shelves and constantly picks up interesting new items. In the spring-summer 2021 season, the company’s range has expanded with collections of shoes from famous Italian brands: GAS, United Colors of Benetton and Sergio Tacchini.


The GAS footwear collection is addressed to bright and energetic, young at heart people who want to express themselves through fashion and style. GAS perfectly reflects the needs of today’s customers and creates high quality, functional shoes. These are simple models with stylish design elements and a reasonable price.

One of the key models of the spring collection is men’s sneakers GAM114501. The upper is created using a combination of textile materials and vegan suede. Lightweight durable outsole perfectly cushions steps, as it is made of EVA material and thermoplastic rubber. Bright elements on the outside of the sneakers — Play / Stop buttons, will appeal to lovers of musical gadgets.


The women’s collection is more daring and trendy, but it is in it that the idea of ​​​​refusing things that quickly go out of fashion can be traced, so the dominant part of the models is presented in white and decorated with details in actual colors. In the boxes of most GAS models you will find a second pair of laces in a bright color, which is a nice bonus!

Women’s GAS models are represented by classic white and black sneakers. In the fashion line, we would like to draw your attention to the GAW 118400 model.


These are laconic sneakers with a high but light McQueen-style sole. The decor in the form of a large false star attracts attention. Another trendy element of this model is the rhinestone on the heel of the shoe, which will shimmer even from a distance.

United Colors of Benetton

The key feature of the new United Colors of Benetton collection is bright colors and a contrasting combination of materials, as well as the active use of the logo for shoe decoration. Therefore, it is not surprising that the slogan of the brand’s advertising campaign is «Walk on the Rainbow».

Men’s sneakers in the United Colors of Benetton collection are overflowing with bright and catchy colors. One such key model is the BTM 113015 runner sneaker. The upper is made from organic textile and vegan leather with an accent brand logo on the side. The design of the model attracts with a harmonious combination of individual elements: yellow laces repeat the color of the heel stabilizer, red textile visually supports the strip on the sole of the shoe. All together emphasizes the unique and recognizable style of United Colors of Benetton.


The United Colors of Benetton women’s shoe collection includes sneakers, sneakers, casual textile Velcro sandals and beach slates. It is worth paying attention to the BTW114005 sneaker model, which is made in a laconic style with original contrasting stripes. The model is made of eco-leather with respect for the environment, which reflects the philosophy of the United Colors of Benetton trademark.


The United Colors of Benetton children’s collection evokes positive emotions, as it is very bright and elegant, so it will look great on your baby’s legs. One of the main design ideas in the children’s collection of the brand is the creation of small copies of models found in the line for adults, so that the image of the baby becomes as similar as possible to his parents.

So, the BTK113005 model from the children’s collection is 100% identical to the design of adult sneakers. These are soft and comfortable sneakers with a removable shock-absorbing insole. Elastic laces do not need to be laced, which is very important for children and parents.


Sergio Tacchini

The Sergio Tacchini collection is addressed to an audience that prefers sporty footwear but does not require high-tech elements designed for intense sports activities.

The model of men’s sneakers STM114023 is made in a retro style with a recognizable brand logo, which has not changed much since 1966. Tennis-style sneakers reflect the era of the 60s and 70s, when fashion designer Sergio Tacchini himself was the champion of Italy in tennis and played in sneakers of a similar design! The use of ecological materials and eco-leather in this model reflects the philosophy of animal protection and the brand’s concern for the environment. Footwear made from eco-materials is characterized by a long service life and high wear resistance.


The women’s collection of the Sergio Tacchini brand looks stylish and conservative and belongs to the “smart sport style” direction. Women’s white sneakers STW114100 are made of eco-leather. The brand’s logo is embroidered in silver to match the heel of the model. Removable shock-absorbing insole made of textile. This model will be relevant for several seasons!


GAS, United Colors of Benetton and Sergio Tacchini shoes for men and women are available at Soho stores and on our website.


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