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New collection of Clarks shoes


Spring has just begun and already pleases us with the first rays of the sun. This is a great occasion to replenish your wardrobe with a new pair of shoes, and the spring collection has appeared in SOHO stores. Here you can choose boots, shoes, sneakers, sneakers, sandals and bags.

Those who want to create a stylish and at the same time the most comfortable look should pay attention to the new collection of shoes from the English brand Clarks. This season, Clarks has released a variety of styles that combine casual style with sporty silhouettes. It is these shoes that have been the most popular in recent years. Interesting combinations of colors, materials, comfortable soft insoles are the key characteristics of Clarks shoes. The stylish silhouette is suitable for both working days and for a comfortable stay.

It is impossible to imagine the Clarks footwear collection without classic models. Orinoco2Loafer strict loafers exceeded all expectations. They are presented in two forms:

The brand responds to current trends by adding new details to traditional classic silhouettes while maintaining its heritage. Following the fashion trends, Clarks showcased some amazing pairs of heels. Like the entire collection, the shoes are created in very delicate colors.

In each shoe collection, Clarks pays special attention to comfort and new technologies:

  • anatomical soft insole Cushion Plus;
  • Lightweight bio EVA outsole made from sugar cane is further recyclable;
  • some of the newer models are particularly flexible soles, and high-quality grip occurs due to recycled rubber and rice husks;
  • shoes are made from soft premium leather and high quality textiles.

A combination of craftsmanship and contemporary design give Clarks footwear a distinctive style. You can purchase new collections in SOHO stores, as well as in our online store.

Welcome spring with SOHO! We are waiting for you for shopping!


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