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New spring-summer collection SCHOLL


The world famous premium shoe brand Scholl has presented a new collection, which is already available in our SOHO and sohoshop.ru stores.

The main goal of the brand is to create shoes that combine unsurpassed comfort, technology and fashion. By making footwear primarily from natural materials and ensuring that the most sustainable resources are used, Scholl continues to uphold its values ​​and traditions.

The brand is constantly improving its more than 100 years of experience, offering a wide range of products for customers with different needs.

In the SOHO store you can find three main shoe lines for everyday use:

· School Iconic

· Scholl Comfort

· Scholl Comfort+

The brand reflects its commitment to excellence through cutting-edge innovations and patented technologies, each with unique comfort and support technologies.

Memory Cushion Technology characterized by a soft insole with memory effect for even distribution of pressure when walking. It adapts to the anatomy of the foot and regains its shape with every step for all-day comfort. Memory Cushion technology can be found in the Comfort and Comfort+ lines.

Main characteristics:

• Relieves fatigue

• For those who spend a lot of time on their feet

• Distributes pressure across the foot

• Takes the shape of the foot

• Cushioning and protection

Thanks to the anatomical design of the shoes Scholl BioPrint supports the natural position of the foot, providing comfortable arch support. The special Scholl® blend material of natural cork and rubber provides excellent insole flexibility and the perfect base to make walking easier and more relaxed. Shoes with BioPrint technology can be found in the Comfort and Comfort+ lines.

Scholl became a cult brand in the 60s with the release of its most iconic Pescura model from the Scholl Iconic line. She quickly achieved iconic model status among London’s fashionable top models such as Sean Shrimpton and Twiggy. This basic style is complemented by seasonal accents that match the brand’s style, emphasizing both supreme comfort and fashion trends.

The Scholl Pescura is always at the center of the brand’s collections. SOHO has several models of charming clogs that will become the main feature of any look.
Over the years, celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Jennifer Aniston and Sarah Jessica Parker have considered Scholl Pescura a must-have in their wardrobes, appreciating comfort, fashion appeal and versatility.

The Scholl brand is a real find for lovers of comfort and beauty in details. We invite you to visit SOHO stores and experience the new collection in person. If you prefer online shopping, you will love the selection at sohoshop.ru.


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