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Novelties from Bugatti — for city everyday life and holidays


Over the past decade, the collections of the Bugatti brand have been developed by a team of talented designers from Italy and Germany. Their joint creativity is evident in the creation of shoes with a perfect fit, comfortable and comfortable, while showing all the new seasonal trends. The spring-summer 2021 collection also follows this rule.

Bugatti Men’s Collection

The advantage of the Bugatti collection is the variety of types of shoes included in it. The collection has shoes for almost all occasions. The Urban Chic line includes elegant boots and comfortable moccasins. The basis of the «casual» line are sneakers and sneakers created using high-tech materials.

Sneakers occupy a special place in the Bugatti assortment, as they are the most fashionable and popular type of footwear today. A number of models are made with elements of the style of running sneakers and stand out for their striking design and increased comfort. Another group of models, on the contrary, is distinguished by laconic silhouettes and pastel colors. These light-colored sneakers are a great choice for hot weather, because. dim fabric materials heat up less in the sun and give a comfortable feeling to their owner.

2.jpg Also for warm days, sneaker models are designed, the upper of which is made of mesh fabric. The mesh guarantees breathability, thereby maintaining an optimal temperature. Elastic laces provide a comfortable fit and ease of donning. Inside are high-tech «Soft gel» insoles that contribute to the cushioning of steps. Finally, the sneakers are equipped with an ultra-light sole, which makes this shoe almost weightless.

Marine style in clothes and shoes in 2021 is more relevant than ever. The combination of blue shades with pure white or calm beige evokes pleasant associations with the coast. These models are perfectly combined with both jeans and shorts and linen trousers, creating a fresh summer look.

True denim lovers will no longer have to look for shoes. «Denim» color and a spectacular combination of textures, complemented by a white sole, favorably distinguish Bugatti models.

Moccasins from the «urban chic» line go well with both the classic and casual wardrobe of a modern man. With decorative lacing and contrasting color combinations, Bugatti moccasins become an accent in a discreet masculine look. To create additional convenience, some models of moccasins are made with inserts of elastic band and perforated uppers.

3.jpgNoble classic Bugatti low shoes made of high-quality leather with hand-finishing are always on-trend. These shoes will look perfect at official business meetings or at special occasions.

For shopping or a barbecue party, casual low shoes are perfect. Fine perforated leather, eye-catching two-tone lacing and a dainty logo variant add to the look of these models. For unrivaled comfort throughout the day, the technology «Soft gel» is used.

Bugatti Women’s Collection

The fashion of the 90s will again dominate this season, so women’s platform sneakers fit perfectly into this trend. Gold and metallic details, a combination of materials of different textures, as well as a logo in the form of an ornament perfectly decorate the sneakers from this theme.

5.jpgAn unusual combination of a high athletic sole and delicate powder shades with shimmering inserts give these sneakers a feminine touch. In some models of sneakers, there are details with an ultra-fashionable texture that imitates the skin of a reptile. Mesh fabric is used to give special lightness to sneakers, and for additional comfort — elastic lacing or a zip fastener. Such models go well with loose maxi dresses and trendy midi skirts.

Sandals from the summer capsule of the Bugatti collection are made in two styles: sporty and casual. They go well with shorts or jeans, as well as with light summer dresses, making it possible to create a large number of interesting images. Separately, it is worth noting the lightness of the high platform sole, 4.jpgwhich makes the sandals literally weightless, despite their rather massive appearance.

The creative team of the Bugatti brand has created a wonderful collection for the spring-summer season. In Bugatti shoes, your city everyday life and long-awaited days of vacation will pass comfortably, and your wardrobe will be replenished with new products that allow you to create relevant and attractive looks. Models from the Bugatti collection are presented in a wide range in the Soho network and on the website sohoshop.ru.


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