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Ready, attention, December!


December is the month of super-speeds, when you need to do everything at once. For some, this is the closing time of the reporting year, for some it is a hot time for working with clients, and some are immersed in the rhythm of children’s holidays.

When it comes time to buy gifts, for many it becomes a source of additional excitement: there are crowds of people in stores, it is difficult to figure out from the number of tasks who can give what and where to buy it promptly. Many purchases are made impulsively and not always, as a result, turn out to be desirable. I want the New Year mood to give joy and pleasure.

We offer you some simple recommendations that will help you save time and emotional comfort for the New Year.

Get away from the hustle and bustle, take a few small breaks during the week.

Devote this period completely to yourself, when you can stop, sit quietly in a cozy cafe with a cup of tea, maybe someone will do yoga or take a walk in the park. You need to focus on the current moment, bring your breathing into a calm rhythm. At such moments, thoughts are easier to gather in a row, and the necessary ideas come to mind faster.

When you have entered a state of calm, you can write down all the ideas on a piece of paper and make a shopping list. If bright Happy Socks socks or EMU Australia natural sheepskin gloves are on this list, then it is most convenient to order them on the website sohoshop.ru and get everything in advance. You will have plenty of time to come up with holiday gift wrapping.

For men, you can choose a universal black or brown leather belt as a gift, for kids it will be a warm gift for a pair of EMU Australia boots with funny applications of animals and fairy-tale characters, for parents you can buy a pair of fur gloves made of natural sheepskin for winter walks, and choose a suitcase for new travels.

Find time on weekends for family or friendly evenings with board games, or, conversely, have fun at the skating rink so that the outgoing year will be remembered with warmth and joy in the circle of your most beloved people. This will give you a resource for the whole next year, which will fill you with energy and a positive attitude. And how nice after the skating rink to change into soft boots on natural sheepskin EMU Australia and take a walk around the city in the evening in festive lights. If one of your friends is now looking for comfortable and warm shoes for the winter — feel free to recommend the entire EMU Australia shoe line!

In the pre-New Year’s fuss, it’s easy to get lost and forget about the most important gift — for yourself. It is encouragement and gratitude to ourselves that gives us energy for new achievements.

Remember how much you have done at work, for children and loved ones, for your beloved friends, neighbors and your dear pets. Now is the time to give gifts and indulge in new purchases: whether it’s a new pair of beautiful Clarks boots or fluffy and cozy slippers from EMU Australia, perhaps it will be the stylish Clarks sneakers that you will walk hundreds of kilometers in the new year.

If you are looking for a place where you can buy gifts for all your loved ones at once and at the same time save time and money on shopping, we invite you to look at the SOHO store and at sohoshop.ru.

Here you will find a large number of options for pleasant New Year’s surprises!


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