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Ready for winter!


In anticipation of the coming winter, warm shoes with natural fur are becoming especially relevant for absolutely everyone. SOHO declares full readiness for winter! We are pleased to present the collection of the world famous brand EMU Australia for the Fall/Winter 21-22 season.

In creating this collection, the Australians were inspired by innovation and used sustainable and natural materials.
The brand always approaches the choice of materials with great care: it uses only the best natural materials, including high-quality merino wool, genuine leather and sheepskin. These materials are distinguished by their softness, strength, versatility, as well as being biodegradable and 100% natural product. And the most important advantage of the brand’s shoes is that natural sheepskin ideally retains body temperature!

Many Hollywood stars and celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Sienna Miller, Megan Fox, Kate Hudson love EMU Australia and prefer these iconic boots and cozy slippers with natural fur.

EMU Australia wool has had the Woolmark seal of approval for over a decade, guaranteeing its high quality and authenticity, and shoes with their own waterproof technology form the basis of much of the collection.

Iconic and original

Slippers from EMU Australia are the perfect leisure wear. Fluffy and cozy, they embody luxury and emphasize individuality.

For the Nest slippers, the brand has created a new contoured insole made from natural cork and rubber. With a cute, playful bow, Naledi slippers embody femininity and comfort. This season they are presented in new colors — caramel and lingonberry.

The Monch and Musica are so pretty you can’t resist walking the streets in dry weather.

EMU Australia conquers with color

In the collection you will find models of both classic shades and new colors: rich caramel and lingonberry. Some slippers have a plush finish and a shimmering sheen of cosmic pattern.

Start of space travel

For children this season, EMU Australia has organized a fun intergalactic journey. The company presented a children’s collection of shoes with prints on the theme of space, the starry sky, and also created a new character — a cute, cheerful alien monster.

Models of children’s boots are completely waterproof and have a universal design that is comfortable for children. The collection will appeal to those who prefer bright and bold colors, as well as lovers of calmer shades.

EMU Australia also offers a collection for teenagers. Drawing inspiration from key female models, it incorporates trendy details that appeal to teens.

Starting December 1, SOHO will start the EMU Australia brand weeks, where you can buy the brand’s shoes with discounts of 30%! If you are looking for stylish and durable shoes for walking, traveling and at home, you will find them in the EMU Australia collection, presented in SOHO stores.


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