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Selection of quality children’s shoes


Summer is coming to an end, which means it’s time to get ready for school and choose new children’s shoes. The child’s leg has grown up, and you have an important stage of buying school shoes ahead of you. The choice should be taken very responsibly, because your child will spend a lot of time in it. A new school collection has just appeared in the SOHO store, and we are sure that a little schoolboy will like it. Coming to us, you will not worry about the quality, and you can easily choose sandals, boots and shoes. If you do not have time to visit the store, then go to our online store and get acquainted with our new collection.

When choosing shoes, a child should pay special attention not to the appearance and cost, but to the materials from which it is made, the quality of production and compliance with the basic requirements for the comfortable formation of a child’s foot. The shoe market offers us a large number of children’s shoes for every taste.


There are several key aspects that you should pay attention to when choosing shoes:

  • Backdrop
    The main task of the heel is to fix the ankle. In the first five years of a child’s life, doctors advise choosing shoes with a closed and hard back. Then you can already buy sandals and sandals with an open heel.
  • Arch support
    Disputes between specialists about the need for an arch support in recent years have diverged greatly. Now orthopedists are still inclined to believe that young children, for no particular reason, should not wear an arch support.
  • Sole
    Be sure to check the sole of the shoe, it must be flexible and durable, as well as non-slip. Otherwise, the child is at increased risk of slipping and getting injured.
  • Sock
    In children’s shoes, the toe should be rounded and wide, this allows the fingers to be placed freely, especially since in children they are spaced wider than in adults. In the first years of a child’s life, the sock protects the fingers from possible damage.
  • Clasps
    It is best to choose Velcro shoes, they are comfortable to put on, and they also make it possible to fix and adjust the fit of the legs. For older children, shoes with laces should be preferred as they give the best fit. But this option is not suitable for children who do not yet know how to tie shoelaces, and this will create discomfort for both children and parents.
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  • The weight
    Shoes should not be heavy. The very first shoes should be chosen as light as possible so that they do not interfere with walking in any way.
  • Fullness of the foot
    It is necessary to take into account the factor of fullness of the foot, as well as in adults, in children the foot may be wide or narrow.
  • Heel
    The presence of a heel and an adjustable instep height in children’s shoes is a very important criterion. The heel should be small, only 5-7 millimeters, and occupy at least one third of the sole. Many parents are faced with the problem of choosing heels for young ladies who want to walk in high heels from an early age. But high heels can cause spinal curvature, poor posture, and other related problems. The maximum heel height for a child with an unformed foot can reach 3-4 centimeters.
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  • Material
    The material of the shoe should be breathable, keep warm and not retain moisture. If the child’s foot sweats a lot in shoes, then they should be discarded. It used to be that children’s shoes should be made of natural leather, but progress is moving forward, and now there are many synthetic materials that are in no way inferior to leather. For summer and demi-season shoes, the following are best suited: genuine leather, nubuck, suede, eco-leather, textiles; for winter: felt, natural sheepskin, wool, polyester. If you still prefer synthetic shoes, pay attention to the inner lining, preferably made from natural materials.

A few rules to keep in mind:

    Do not buy shoes that have a strong chemical smell and are unpleasant to the touch. This is the first bell, hinting that the shoes are made of low-quality materials.
    Before buying, check if the lines are even and if the glue does not come out anywhere.
    Do not wear shoes for older brothers and sisters. Shoes have the ability to adopt the physiological characteristics of the foot and can affect the other foot in a negative way and cause deformation.

Do not forget, at the time of the formation of the child’s legs, you should take a responsible approach to the choice of shoes, choosing only high-quality materials and trusted manufacturers. In our store you can pick up beautiful shoes of the highest quality from the best world brands.


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