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Sergio Tacchini: from sport to fashion


The Sergio Tacchini brand was founded by the Italian Sergio Tacchini in 1966. Today, not everyone knows the tennis player Sergio Tacchini, but before the foundation of his brand, he managed to win many titles. His most significant victories were victories in the Italian Championship and the Davis Cup. Having achieved success in sports, he decided not to stop there and try himself in a new role. At the peak of his career, Sergio Tacchini founded his own line of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Initially, the company was called «Sandys SpA», later it was renamed Sergio Tacchini. The decision to open their own brand was influenced by a rather boring and monotonous tennis uniform in white and a standard cut. Other athletes were of the same opinion, so when Sergio Tacchini released the first collection with modified cuts and colors, it was a real success.

Thanks to the original sports style, workmanship and a fresh vision of fashion, the company began to quickly gain momentum and by the 70s of the last century was able to enter the international market. Having reached a new level, the company launched the production of shoes and accessories.

To make the brand more famous, the company began to cooperate with famous tennis players Pete Sampras and Martina Hingis. For P. Sampras, the company even released the first personalized sneakers: the top made of white leather, according to the brand’s tradition, was complemented by color accents, and a bright logo was located on the side.

In the 90s, the company began to create collections not only for different sports, but also for those who simply lead an active lifestyle.

Today, the Sergio Tacchini brand looks stylish and conservative — smart sport style. The footwear and clothes of the brand are dearly loved among the general public.

Men’s and women’s collections are not very large (8-9 different models in each) mostly in white, with different color details on the top and a bright logo.


The main areas of the women’s and men’s collection are: retro-style sneakers, American-style college sneakers, running shoes — runners. The brand’s collections also include high-top basketball shoes.


Currently, the Sergio Tacchini brand continues to sponsor athletes around the world, while actively collaborating with famous musicians, artists, designers and other brands.

Famous tennis player, the first racket of the world — Novak Djokovic.

American singer and actor — Chris Brown.

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