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The best ways to store shoes


After the end of the season, each of us is faced with the need to put away shoes for long-term storage. We want to share our experience on how best to organize this process.

Preparing for storage

First, the shoes need to be put in order and sorted. Then it is worth deciding on the number of pairs that will be required in the future: it is possible that some of them should be thrown away or carefully repaired.

We recommend wiping boots and boots made of leather with a damp cloth. Sneakers and trainers can be machine washed if the shoe manufacturer allows this type of care. For cleaning suede models, it is better to use a special brush with rubber bristles. After removing dirt, dry the shoes naturally. Then you will need to treat the top of the shoe with a protective cream, and the inside with antiseptic aerosols. If the shoes are not needed in the next six months, then it is best to place special pads or cardboard inserts inside them. This method will keep the original shape of the product.

After the cleaning and processing of shoes is completed, it is advisable to divide all pairs according to accessories: select children’s, women’s and men’s shoes. All models that will be stored for several months are best packed in boxes and placed in a wardrobe. If several pairs will be stored in one box or container, then they should be selected with the same top material. For example, suede shoes generally do not tolerate proximity to other types of materials, otherwise they lose their external gloss.

Ideally, all boxes must be signed, since shoes are not always stored in the same boxes in which they were bought. For a quick search on the shelves, you can leave lists of all pairs that are stored at each level. This method will help save time if any pair is needed ahead of schedule.

Storage spaces

For long-term storage of shoes, it is better to choose a place where you can provide protection from moisture and bright color, as well as a good level of ventilation. A balcony, loggia, basement or garage is categorically not suitable. For seasonal storage of shoes, the top shelves of a closet or dressing room, mezzanines or wall cabinets are best suited. We recommend storing shoes for parties or special occasions on the lower shelves of the wardrobe so that you can quickly find them if necessary.

In addition to universal storage systems, there are special cabinets — shoe cabinets, which are designed exclusively for shoes. Visually, they look like ordinary cabinets. This type of furniture is available in open and closed types. Sometimes there are designs with drawers or rotating elements.

To store shoes that are periodically used, racks with inclined shelves are intended. Racks are quite compact, which is convenient for small spaces. But they do not protect shoes from dust, which can cause great harm to your favorite models. With an open storage method, dust gets on the surface of the shoe and clogs the pores, which leads to drying of the material and loss of its elasticity.

In addition to the above storage systems, you can use stand-alone organizers that look like large suitcases, as well as textile pockets with numerous cells. But storage in these types of structures is the exception rather than the rule, as it does not provide reliable protection from light and does not completely prevent the shoe from deforming.

Take the time to carefully prepare your shoes for storage, and your favorite pairs will last a long time!


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