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The history of high heels


Heeled shoes are perceived as an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe. It makes the walk more graceful, visually lengthens and slims the legs. When did heels appear? It turns out that their history goes back several millennia.

Ancient world

It is believed that the ancient Egyptians can be called the discoverers of heels. Egyptian tillers figured out how to provide the necessary support when moving on loose ground: a wide heel appeared in the back of the sandals on a low platform.

In ancient Greece, cothurni were invented, which were an open high boot with a thickened sole. Their owners were actors who played tragic roles, since the cothurns made their gait more stately.

Middle Ages

For medieval Europe, the incredible dirt on the streets was normal, so it was possible to move comfortably along them only in clogs. Vintage clogs are high-back platform shoes. By the way, shoes similar in design were created in the East. Only she was needed to visit the bath, as she helped to avoid burns from hot tiles on the floor.

Noble Europeans were sometimes forced to move through the streets on foot, but they, of course, did not want to wear wooden clogs like commoners. So there were chopins — women’s shoes on a surprisingly high platform. The height of chopins could reach 60-100 cm, so walking in them on your own was not only uncomfortable, but risky. The noble ladies were helped to prevent the possibility of falling by the servants who carefully supported the hostess during the movement.

Men also wore heels. In medieval treatises, it is mentioned that already in the 14th century, horsemen’s shoes for hunting were made with a special thickening on the sole, which was then transformed into a heel.

The idea of ​​using hunting shoes with heels was later developed by Catherine de Medici. She was short, so she had to communicate with a taller husband, looking up. She commissioned a shoemaker to make shoes with heels that resembled men’s riding boots in shape. So there was a new trend for women’s shoes with heels.

After heels became fashionable, there was even a regulation for determining the height of the heel, depending on the class. Only the nobility, as well as members of the royal family, could wear the highest heels.

After the French Revolution, the fashion for high heels in Europe disappeared. This is due to the fact that the streets have become cleaner. The second point: it was uncomfortable for women to dance in heels, so ballet flats and shoes with lower and more reliable heels came into fashion.


The first stilettos were developed in the 1950s. in France. It is believed that their creator is Salvatore Feragamo. It was he who invented stilettos for Marilyn Monroe in the film «Only Girls in Jazz». Although other designers claim their rights to such an invention, therefore, it will not be possible to unequivocally name the author.

Today, shoes with heels are a symbol of grace and beauty, so they will definitely be present in every collection of famous designers. In the Soho chain of stores and on the website sohoshop.ru you will find comfortable and fashionable shoes with different heights and heel designs.


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