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The main trends in men’s shoes in the spring of 2021


A stylish image of a man is largely determined by what kind of shoes he wears. It is important to always be in trend, follow the latest fashion trends, because they change every season. So what shoes will be fashionable in spring 2021? It turns out that there was a place for both creative ideas from past seasons and completely new trends.

Retro sneakers

A rare men’s wardrobe is complete without sneakers that are suitable for creating a variety of looks. Entire teams of designers are working on their appearance, who strive to improve both previously released models and come up with something completely original.


Spring 2021 shows that retro style is making a comeback, so 80s-inspired sneakers are on trend. In addition to the classic trends of the time, fresh motifs can be traced in the design of sneakers. We are talking about the use of modern technological materials and an emphasis on spectacular and non-standard shades. Logos of the brand-manufacturer often act as a decorative element.

Sneakers with chunky soles


If you look closely at the trends of past years, it becomes obvious that designers are constantly experimenting with the sole. This year it turned out to be even more massive than before. The focus is on visual versatility, volume and complexity of design. If earlier the massive sole performed mainly a shock-absorbing function, now it is used for decoration.

Textile shoes with a pronounced texture

Previously, the textiles from which the uppers of the shoes were made were quite dense. Now the emphasis is on its lightness and airiness. We use such thread interlacing technologies that allow you to create a 3D volume. Thanks to perforation and other technological methods, it is possible to form interesting patterns on textiles that act as an unobtrusive decor. Among the advantages of perforated textile shoes is its ability to pass air perfectly, which is especially important in the warm season.

Desert boots


Relatively recently, it seemed that the «golden time» of deserts was in the past. But, as it turned out, they managed to take their rightful place in the spring 2021 collections. Manufacturing companies are trying to improve the already well-thought-out design of this type of shoe, achieving considerable success in this field. As an example, it is worth citing the classic deserts from Clarks, which became the owners of a comfortable and ergonomic insole that relieves the load on the feet. Also, the upper part has been improved in them, so they will be comfortable even for people with a wide foot.

Despite the annual change in fashion trends, one thing remains constant: the fashion for men’s shoes determines only the direction in design. It does not require a preference for certain colors or silhouettes, so men have the opportunity to choose what they like from a huge variety. The SOHO network and the sohoshop.ru website offer high-quality shoes from the world’s leading manufacturers, which correspond to the current spring 2021 design trends.


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