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What is the difference between flip flops, slates and pantolets?


In summer, everyone dreams of relaxing by the river or by the sea, therefore, when choosing shoes, they pay attention to open models. In most cases, waterproof shoes with minimal decor are intended for the beach. But why do the types of shoes that are identical in function have such different names: slippers, flip flops, slates, sandals, pantolets, dianets?

Flip flops

Light slippers made of rubber with a transverse jumper are colloquially called slippers. This name arose from the sound that such shoes make when walking. Slippers come with a smooth or massage insole. The jumper can be doubled with a lining so that shoes made of rubber or thick leather do not rub your feet. The sole in most cases is made with a relief or notches to avoid slipping near the pool.


Flip flops or slates

Based on the name, some buyers believe that these are shoes of different types. However, these are synonyms for the name of one design of open shoes. The name «Vietnamese» arose in an earlier period than «slates». The term «slates» is the result of a combination of circumstances. In the 60s in the Soviet Union, the Polymer plant produced rubber flip-flops, and since the enterprise was located in the city of Slantsy, the soles of the shoes were marked with the name of this settlement. Then the buyers thought that “slates” was the name of the type of footwear, which was subsequently firmly entrenched in Soviet Vietnamese.

Today, flip flops or slates include open slippers with a bridge separating the thumb and middle finger. In most cases, flip flops are made entirely of rubber, sometimes the jumper is made of fabric. In models for women, lintels are often decorated with sequins, beads, artificial stones, and embroidery imitation. In accordance with the fashion for a high platform, the models of the current season can be made on a sole 3-5 cm high.



The design of the pantolet is usually based on a sole without a heel, and on top is complemented by a wide girdle. A number of models are decorated with leather or textile straps. Pantolets with bamboo soles or plastic variations are well suited as a beach version. The second season in a fashionable top are wedge pantolets with a weaving effect, as well as low-soled models with structured inserts from bamboo, rattan and other plant fibers.



This exotic name refers to a type of flip flops that have a bridge between the toes, and a strap fastener closer to the instep of the leg. Dianets are made mainly from leather, but there are models made from textiles and rubber. The advantage of this type of shoes over other open models is their more elegant and feminine look, so they are perfectly combined with a summer dress.



Sandals are lightweight shoes with the sole attached to the foot with straps or lacing. A variety of sandals are «gladiators», equipped with a large number of straps and sometimes encircling the leg to the knee. Most of the sandals are made of soft leather or suede.


When choosing open shoes for summer holidays, we recommend choosing models with well-fixed bridges made of soft materials. To visit the beaches, it is advisable to give preference to models made of rubber. You will find the models of summer shoes described above in the Soho chain of stores and on our website.


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