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What shoes to celebrate the New Year 2022


On the eve of the New Year 2022, it’s time to think about what outfit to celebrate the holiday. There are a lot of tips and recommendations on choosing clothes on the Internet, but little is said about shoes. Today we will share with you a selection of shoes that are perfect for celebrating the New Year.

According to the eastern calendar, the coming year 2022 is the year of the Black Water Tiger. The tiger is obstinate by nature, always ready to take risks and is not afraid of danger. Astrologers predict that bright events and unexpected twists of fate await us. Our Tiger is from the water element, and she pacifies the animal with all her might.

A question that worries many: “In what color outfit is it better to celebrate the New Year?”. Stylists recommend paying attention to the shades of the tiger’s natural habitat and to rather restrained colors.

The following shades are perfect for New Year’s Eve:

  • White, yellow, milky, beige
  • Green, blue, olive
  • Black, brown, graphite
  • Silver, gold
  • The whole palette of blue

It is not difficult to guess that the most relevant shade of 2022 is blue, because it fully corresponds to the water element of the Tiger.
The main rule when choosing shoes for New Year’s Eve is that they should be comfortable. You can choose shoes with massive soles or wedges.

If your favorite shoes are sneakers or sneakers, shoes in the shade of the upcoming year are a good option.

If you prefer to wear heels, it is better to opt for a stable heel. Stiletto heels are a classic; if you feel as comfortable as possible in them, you can celebrate the New Year in them with pleasure.

Men’s shoes for meeting the year of the Tiger must be chosen discreet and minimalistic. Solid shoes in dark shades are perfect for a classic look.

For lovers of maximum comfort and coziness, celebrating the New Year at home, fur slippers will be the best shoes.

When choosing shoes, avoid leopard prints, striped prints and snake patterns.

Astrologers say that meeting the New Year in the right colors will bring you good luck. We are waiting for you on our website sohoshop.ru and in SOHO stores, where you can definitely find the right pair of shoes for you.


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