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Be happy!


Be happy!

Happy Socks is one of the most famous socks brands in the world. Happy Socks business philosophy is to spread positivity and happiness through bright, cheerful things.

The Happy Socks brand is a symbol of expressing the most incredible ideas. To realize its concept, Happy Socks creates original capsule collections with popular artists and creative people of various directions.

For a number of years, Happy Socks has collaborated on prints with artists and celebrities from around the world. For example, in Russia, as part of the Local Hero project, the brand organized a collaboration with anthropomorphist artists, the Tvorogov brothers. The result of this collaboration was the image of a meditating pug with an orange pendant. The hidden meaning of this drawing is that happiness is within us, regardless of external circumstances.

As part of the 2019 Christmas ad campaign, Happy Socks released a collaboration with actor Macaulay Culkin, where he posed with an iguana and a garden gnome in his arms against the backdrop of a winter forest, presenting his Naughty or Nice collection. For this collaboration, the actor created three prints for Happy Socks — with psychedelic images of rabbits.

For the spring-summer season 2020, the brand presented a collection of socks based on the animated series SpongeBob SquarePants. The collection includes socks, swimwear, beach shorts with your favorite character. SpongeBob is the epitome of zest for life and joy, and its signature bright yellow color will undoubtedly add a sense of happiness to its owners.


The creative team of the brand shows a high degree of ingenuity not only in relation to the patterns on the socks, but comes up with a unique gift package. A pizza box, a piece of cake, a music box, a Christmas tree, an album are all packaging options for socks. It’s so nice to receive a fashionable and fun gift at the same time.

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