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Benefits of paying for purchases with a card


Benefits of paying for purchases with a card

Today it is believed that people pay with cards for their online purchases — it is convenient, profitable and safe. And here are some proofs of this fact:

  1. Cashback. Most major banks have launched loyalty programs under which customers can receive cashback when making non-cash card payments. It can be both bonuses and a refund of part of the funds in rubles to the buyer’s account. Agree — it is very beneficial.
  2. In the personal account on the bank’s website, as a rule, a record is kept of purchases that are paid for by card. This option allows you to get acquainted with the history of purchases and see how much money was spent in a certain period. Many mobile banks provide an excellent opportunity to segment purchases by type of expense. It is very convenient to know what exactly you spend your money on: buying food, buying clothes and shoes, paying for services and utility bills, etc.
  3. Some major players in the banking sector, such as Sberbank and VTB, are developing entire business ecosystems where you can enjoy additional privileges and bonuses. For example, the Sberbank ecosystem includes marketplaces, carsharing, medical services, taxis, financial services, and many others. Using a bank card, you get the privilege to enjoy bonuses throughout this ecosystem.
  4. When you pay for purchases with a card on the company’s website, this means that the owner of the online store is a serious and legal company that pays taxes to the state. A certain part of taxes is used for the social needs of the population. When an online store does not have the ability to pay by card, this leads to suspicions about the legality of the business.
  5. An online store that sells branded shoes and clothes and at the same time accepts cards for payment is a company that guarantees that the brands presented on its website are original. If the store officially works with online payments, this means that it is a member of the national digital marking system — «Honest Sign». This system guarantees the authenticity of the brands featured on the site.
  6. In the light of recent events, it has become obvious that it is not safe to pay with cash from the point of view of your health, because. they can transmit viruses.
  7. Paying with a card, you get a guarantee that you will not get counterfeit money in the form of change.


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