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BUFFALO: Back to the Future


BUFFALO: Back to the Future

Fashion is cyclical — everyone knows this, while models rarely return to the peak of popularity in their original form. Thanks to the trend for massive soles, the Buffalo brand returned to the top of the «fashion charts», which in the 90s was the ancestor of the fashion for high platforms and exaggeratedly bright shoe decor. Some models from the autumn-winter collection of the brand very delicately, but recognizably, quote the hits of thirty years ago. Most of the collection is completely new design solutions that deserve to become exhibits of the Museum of Modern Art.

The relevance of the brand is also confirmed by the modern views of the development team on solving environmental problems. With the new season, Buffalo has entered the ranks of brands advocating conscious consumption. A number of models from the autumn collection are created from high-quality artificial materials without the use of chemicals and dyes that are harmful to nature. On such shoes, the manufacturer began to additionally attach a tag with the inscription “PETA — approved vegan”. PETA is an animal rights organization. This tag confirms that these models are produced without causing harm to animals and the environment.

Among the novelties from the main line of the Buffalo collection, the ASPHA NC FUR model deserves special attention.


ASPHA NC FUR is a new model of high urban boots with an «outdoor» style, contrasting laces and bright logos, which are the trend of the season. Model ASPHA NC FUR is made of high quality polyurethane in 2 colors: black and silver. These boots are insulated with faux fur, and their insole has the so-called «memory effect», that is, it adapts to the wearer’s foot and gives incredible comfort to wear. These boots are ideal for changeable autumn weather and mild European winter.

Among the models of the BUFFALO LONDON line, the model 1360-14 stands out with its futuristic design.

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This model is made on a block, which is the hallmark of BUFFALO LONDON. All celebrities choose sneakers on this last. For our climate, an important plus of these boots is the faux fur lining. Since the top of the moon rovers is made of quilted material, the model will look great in combination with puffy down jackets and jackets. Due to the fact that the sole is high enough, the feet will always be warm. In our stores, the model is presented in two colors: black and silver.


Another trendy representative of the BUFFALO LONDON line is the GILLIAN model — a combination of high boots with a sneaker sole. Boots are made of durable leather. Bold, oversized logos on the back of the boot add urban flair. Side zipper for easy putting on shoes significantly saves the wearer’s time.

The models of autumn shoes presented by us in this review will certainly draw attention to their owner. Therefore, when purchasing BUFFALO shoes, you can be sure that by combining these shoes even with basic wardrobe items, you will create a bright and original look.


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