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Clarks DesertBoot is 70 years old!


Clarks DesertBoot is 70 years old!

In 2020, the British company Clarks celebrates the 70th anniversary of the DesertBoot, which was invented by a descendant of the founders of the brand, Nathan Clark, in 1947, while he was serving in the army in Egypt and Burma.

When creating the world’s first casual DesertBoot, Nathan Clarke was inspired by an unusual shoe — rough suede boots worn by army officers off duty. Why did the British military like the «desert boots» bought in the Cairo bazaar so much? The answer is simple — natural soft nubuck and a rubber sole make them extremely comfortable and comfortable even in hot weather.

Today, the DesertBoot looks the same as it did 70 years ago: the top of the boot is two stitched suede parts and a rubber sole. The success of this model came immediately after they entered the stores in 1950 and still deserts are a must-have in a gentleman’s wardrobe. An interesting fact is that each pair is created according to the original pattern, which Nathan Clark designed 70 years ago.

The popularity of DesertBoot boots

Clarks Originals Desert Boot

During its existence, the DesertBoot model has been appreciated by representatives of subcultures around the world, and this style has become a true classic. DesertBoot has a lot of fans among world-famous stars: Liam Gallagher — from the Oasis group, the world-famous TV presenter of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres adore Clarks Desert Boots. Famous Hollywood actors Alexander Skarsgård and Freida Pinto have become brand ambassadors and are taking part in the Clarks spring-summer 2020 advertising campaign.

But celebrities not only wear and advertise, but also take part in the creation of limited collections of Desert Boots. For example, Clarks Originals created an exclusive line of Desert Boots in collaboration with Canadian rap artist Drake. As a result, three variations of the classic deserts were released, made in suede with embossed in the form of the OVO abbreviation and with an owl as the logo, which are the trademarks of the musician’s label.

Now, many brands have looked to their archives to bring the best features of the best sellers to their new collections. But very rarely in the history of world fashion it happens when a model lives a long life, only changing color, texture and prints. It is to these exceptions that our hero of the day — Desert Boots belongs. Over the 70 years of the model’s existence, more than 10 million pairs of Clarks deserts have been sold, and they are now the hallmark of the brand!

Army and DesertBootClarks Originals Desert Boot


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