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Conscious choice


Conscious choice

The topic of conscious consumption has become mainstream in the fashion industry over the past two years. Pollution of the environment and the ocean with plastic waste is one of the main environmental problems of our planet. About 2 billion tons of waste is generated annually in the world. Many companies have set themselves the task of taking care of the environment and have launched the production of clothing and footwear using recycled plastic.

For example, the Swedish department store chain H&M launches the Conscious Exclusive clothing line, which is completely made of synthetic fabrics. Most of the threads for her were made from recycled plastic collected from the shores of the ocean. And the Prada brand has switched to recycled nylon, which is easily recyclable. Other well-known fashion houses followed suit.

Brands that create shoes and accessories, presented in the online store sohoshop.ru, also contribute to keeping the planet clean.

The American brand Gant is actively involved in a project dedicated to the fight against plastic polluting the seas and oceans. The project began in 2018 with the creation of knitted T-shirts from recycled material. And since the summer of 2019, sneakers have appeared in the Gant shoe collection, the upper material of which is also created from recycled waste. Gant actively cooperates with fishermen who help to find and catch plastic in the Mediterranean Sea. The volume of plastic extracted by them has already reached 165 million tons.

British brand Clarks joined the fight for the environment on the planet in 2018. The company has recycled almost 90% of the waste from its stores, offices and warehouses in the UK, thanks to the fact that the majority of Clarks shoeboxes are made from recyclable material. Recycled production waste is also used in the creation of Clarks shoes: this includes a foam insole and non-woven parts of shoes, which are 70% recycled, including plastic bottles. Most of the season’s collection contains at least one recycled component.

By using material made from algae blooms in some Clarks models, the company is helping marine life by cleaning up the seabed. On select Clarks Unstructured models, the EVA outsole is made from a material derived from sugar cane. Much of the cushioning foam for the insole in Clarks shoes contains recycled petroleum and industrial waste.

If you have already become an adherent of the model of conscious consumption, then in our store you will find comfortable and at the same time environmentally friendly shoes for all occasions. Thus, even just buying beautiful modern shoes, you can make a personal contribution to the health of the planet.


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