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Have you ever been madly in love with a beautiful, stylish pair of shoes, but when you tried them on, you realized with disappointment that this model was not made for your feet? With shoes from the German brand ARA, the likelihood of this problem is close to zero.

You will not experience discomfort if you try it on. The ARA brand was founded by an orthopedic doctor who knew for sure that each foot is unique and has its own characteristics. He applied his knowledge in the field of foot anatomy to the full when creating ARA shoes.

Our legs take on the main physical load throughout the day, and if the legs are uncomfortable, then the whole body suffers. This can affect the joints, lead to varicose veins and other problems. Therefore, it is so important to carefully approach the choice of shoes: the feet are the best appraiser, when trying them on, they will give the decisive tactile signal.

German technologists of the ARA brand use the best materials and advanced technologies, taking care of the comfort of their customers. Thanks to modern technologies used in production, ARA shoes relieve stress and impact on the foot, protecting muscles, joints and ligaments.

In particular, the ARA Dynergy sole was developed for this purpose. This unique outsole with plate structure provides perfect flexibility along the entire length of the foot. Dual cushioning absorbs shock while distributing pressure evenly.

The Dynergy outsole adapts to the shape and natural movement of the foot, stabilizing the stride and converting the generated energy into momentum for the next stride. It is logical to assume that such a sole is used mainly when creating sports cut models. But the company’s technologists went further — they successfully combined a flexible sole and the upper part of everyday models. The result has reached the goal — now you can spend the whole day in classic-style shoes without feeling tired. That is why ARA’s advertising slogan is «Fashion and Functionality». Creating comfortable and at the same time beautiful shoes is the basis of the ARA brand philosophy.


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