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History of the Black Friday promotion


One of the most anticipated events for buyers around the world is Black Friday or Black Friday. This promotion everywhere begins on the fourth Friday of November and consists in offering maximum discounts on goods.

Many people have a question: why such a positive event has a very gloomy name? There are several stories about the origin of both the term itself and the tradition of mass sales at this time of the year.

The term «Black Friday» was first used on September 24, 1869, when a financial crisis began in the United States, which was caused by the fraud of two financiers during the stock exchange session. That Friday, the financial market crashed, many big players went bankrupt, and the US economy took several months to recover.

At that difficult time in the US, store sales plummeted and companies emerged that began to offer significant discounts before the Christmas holidays, when Americans usually spend large sums on gifts for loved ones. A little later, this phenomenon became widespread, and Thanksgiving became the start for the sale of gifts. Therefore, according to one version, the origin of the name «Black Friday» is associated with these distant events.

According to a more modern version, the name «Black Friday» is closely related to the peculiarities of accounting, in which it is customary to mark profit figures in black, and loss figures in red. Since the 60s of the twentieth century, the fourth Friday of November showed the highest sales for the entire year, while earlier the palm belonged to the Saturday before Christmas.

Another version of the origin of the name «Black Friday» is associated with serious problems for employers in the United States, which appear due to the fact that on Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday no one wants to go to work and most employees take time off or suddenly «turn out to be sick.»

The American police also had their own version of the origin of the name of this action. Ever since this shopping fest has taken on a massive scale, crowds have filled the streets, cars have been parked erratically and customers have often had to fight for seats in line before stores open. Accordingly, the police have to work in an emergency mode, as on a «rainy day».

In the 1980s, American retailers tried to give the name Black Friday a more positive interpretation, suggesting that it be called Big Friday, but nothing came of it. The name had already become synonymous with the national holiday and was in regular use throughout America by the mid-nineties. Since the 2000s, the name «Black Friday» has spread throughout the world, and in the early 2010s, the action became popular in Russia.

Russian retail chains are actively adopting the traditions of the American Black Friday, announcing deep discounts on certain products around these dates. The Soho chain of stores and the online store sohoshop.ru have also prepared a special offer for their customers: on the days of the Black Friday sale, discounts on shoes will reach 80%!


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