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How to protect your shoes in autumn


High humidity and temperature fluctuations, which we usually observe in autumn, negatively affect the condition of shoes. Often, the effect of chemical reagents is added to them. Under the influence of these reasons, shoes wear out much faster than we would like. But if you follow the rules of care and regularly use special products, you can prolong the life of your beloved couple for a long time.

Among all the rules for care, the most important is the observance of the optimal drying regime. The best drying method is to use a wooden last: it is this last that helps to keep the original shape of the shoes and avoid cracks. In addition, the tree absorbs moisture well, and some types of wood have antibacterial properties. If there is no such block, then paper can be used to stuff shoes. It is strictly forbidden to dry shoes near a battery or fire, as at high temperatures the skin dries out and becomes brittle and visually aging. At room temperature in a well-ventilated area, shoes will dry in 10-12 hours. To make your demi-season shoes last longer, try to rotate different pairs and give them more time to recover.

The next rule is the prompt removal of contaminants from the surface of the boots. This should be done immediately after returning home. It is better to wash smooth leather shoes with a special shampoo, and clean suede and nubuck with a special rubber or metal brush, in case of light dirt, even an ordinary eraser will do. For care during the day, you can use cleaning foam or wet wipes, as it is not always possible to fully wash shoes in the office. These tools will help to easily remove technical salt or dirt stains.

To facilitate the care of shoes, we recommend using shoe cosmetics regularly. In autumn, it is better to use preventive protection, that is, to process shoes before they are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Cosmetics for smooth skin should contain beeswax, mink or wild boar oil and fluorocarbon resins. These substances create a protective layer that repels water, but at the same time does not close the pores of the material, and, therefore, the leather of the boots «breathes» and maintains an optimal internal microclimate.

To care for suede, it is better to use aerosols based on plant-derived nutrients — extracts and extracts that saturate fleecy skin. Also in the composition of the funds should be fluorine-containing resins and natural oils.

Shoes made from oiled leather are practically not subject to getting wet and other harmful seasonal influences, and in order to refresh its natural protective layer, we recommend using a cream or spray based on fat. It is necessary to clean such products with a special tool that does not destroy the protection.

By following these simple rules, you will be able to keep your shoes presentable and wear them for so long until you just want to please yourself with a new pair.


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