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I want shoes like my mom’s!


I want shoes like my mom's!

Fashionable parents want their children to also wear beautiful and modern shoes. Of course, first of all, shoes for babies should be of high quality and designed in such a way as to form the correct position of the foot. But how do you make the right choice if today’s parents did not have such a diverse selection of shoes as children? Then the answer suggests itself — buy your baby shoes of those brands that you like to wear yourself.

Many world-famous brands, along with shoes for adults, produce a line of children’s shoes. It is a well-known fact that it is important for children to be like their parents in everything! That is why a number of sneakers from the children’s collection of the Pepe Jeans London brand are a complete copy of the models for adults. The Pepe Jeans London children’s collection stands out among other brands by actively demonstrating seasonal design trends while respecting the design, designed for a child’s foot.

The same models for children and adults are also produced by the EMU Australia brand. Now my daughter will not want to try on her mother’s shoes, because she has exactly the same ones! In addition, EMU Australia designers offer another great idea for parents to entertain their little ones. Inside the children’s collection there is a line, the models of which are decorated with applications depicting the muzzles of various animals, on some shoes you can find miniature ears and ponytails. Such shoes are not only fun to buy together, but you can also come up with many fun looks for games and performances. And often shoes with the image of animals become a favorite toy for the smallest buyers.

The oldest English shoe brand Clarks also produces models in its children’s line that repeat shoes for adults. But the creative team of the brand went further and brought a trend from the adult fashion world to the children’s collection. To decorate children’s shoes, designers use decoration techniques based on collaborations with brands that are popular with children and their parents. So, in collaboration with MARVEL Studios, a lineup of sneakers was released, the prototype of which was superhero costumes. And the result of the collaboration with the Disney studio was the cheerful images of Mickey Mouse on models for kids.

Each children’s collection of brands presented on the site sohoshop.ru is individual in design, but the common thing between them is that all products meet the quality standards and requirements for children’s shoes. It is not only fashionable and beautiful, but also comfortable and safe for kids, these shoes are not only fun to walk in, but also interesting to play.


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