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Loafers — loafers


The modern dictionary of shoe terms is extremely diverse. It includes many borrowed names, among which the most common in everyday speech are: loafers, oxfords, chelsea, derby. We will tell you about their origin and difference from each other.


From English, loafers are translated as «loafer.» This model was created by a Norwegian shoemaker. He came up with comfortable boots for local farmers that do not have laces and fasteners. At first they were called «Aurland moccasins», but the model received its modern name in America when it became popular. It was in the USA that these shoes got their name loafer — “loafer”, because they are very soft, without laces, respectively, they are easy to put on.

Shoes peaked in popularity in the 1980s, and even Guccio Gucci expressed his love for loafers: the couturier added a metal buckle to the model, and after that loafers became a sign of belonging to the elite. Loafers were worn by all the brokers on Wall Street as part of the uniform.


Oxfords are a model of boots that have a low rise, closed lacing and a flat non-rubber sole. At first, their name sounded like «Balmorals» (after the name of the royal castle of Balmoral in Scotland). In the 19th century, these boots were very popular among Oxford students, after which the “Balmorals” were renamed “Oxfords”.

Usually oxfords are made without perforation in classic black and brown colors. Oxford models differ from derbies in that they have closed lacing, in which the front of the shoe (toe) is sewn onto the surface of the boots (over the ankle boots).


Derbies are open laced shoes with cuffs sewn over the vamp. That is, the sides of the shoe are located on top of the front, so when the laces are untied, the sides diverge freely. Most often, derbies are created with perforations.

Derby shoes appeared more than a hundred years ago, but the exact date of their appearance is unknown. Some experts suggest that such shoes were invented during the twelfth Earl of Derby, who lived in England in 1752-1834. Others believe that derbies did not appear until the fourteenth Earl of Derby, who lived from 1799-1869 and was very obese, so he may well have had trouble putting on narrow classic shoes. The name of the model — «derby» — is associated with one of these graphs.


Brogues are a model of shoes with holes in the surface (perforated). Lacing can be either closed or open, and the cut of the toe has a V-shape.

The technology of punching holes in the skin (brogging) in the 17th century was used by farmers in Ireland who had to work in damp swampy areas. The holes in the shoes allowed the foot to feel comfortable — in such shoes, moisture easily escaped. After some time, brogues began to be worn by people from different walks of life, and even the elite fell in love with them. Prince Edward of Wales loved to wear brogues. It was the prince who expressed a desire to make a cut-off sock in the shape of the letter W. Perforations were located along its perimeter. After that, the model began to be popular with men from the upper classes.


Chelsea boots are a type of tight-fitting leather boots with high ankles and thin soles. In the middle of the 19th century, the shoemaker of the British Queen Victoria, Joseph Sparks Hall, came up with comfortable riding boots. This model differs from other elastic inserts on the sides, which are located in the entire height of the boot. Thanks to these inserts, Chelsea boots are easy to put on and take off with a flick of the wrist.

These shoes were extremely popular in the 60-70s of the twentieth century. Then the fashion for them was introduced by members of The Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

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